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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Wassup with That?

9/8/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

showed her true colors at the VMAs this week, taunting Chris Brown's girlfriend by kissing him and love-tapping him on the head for all to see. So we gotta ask ...


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I stopped listening to her over a year ago when she basically said she was not going to care about what kind of role model she was to young girls- making jokes about drugs, sex and acting like a slut. I don't spend my money and support these types of people. I don't care if you are a star-those who matter make a difference in this world and these two are all about themselves.

784 days ago


Hey maybe practicing for Halloween. Got to keep those wigs going.

784 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Obviously she loves getting punched in the face. Nothing wrong with that....

784 days ago


Well this does look incriminating to me....what about you folks????

784 days ago


If I am not mistaken she tried to kill him in the car by running the car into a tree? I can guarantee ya Rhianna put a hurting on him too...Us Islands girls don't take no crap...please believe...She fought back and most likely she hit first and got the last lick too...she probably didn't expect him to hit her back and when he did she went nuts and really put the smack down on his punk aXX...I wanna see what she did too him because there is no way she let him just beat her and took it...People are so twisted women can be abusers also...Rhianna is not scared of him because she knows she can probably take him if she needed too...he may have gotten the best of her that night but I guarantee she can hold her own against him...Rhianna is not a little timid punk...

784 days ago


You know, in the black world when you get long-dicked in the's hard to forget that matter how much he beats you with his fists.

784 days ago

Squatting Thunder    

I've never seen two people who deserve each other more than these two.

784 days ago


Forgot an option:
"Rihanna in 5 years:"
[..] Married to Chris
[..] Assaulting Chris. Again.

784 days ago


this website needs a new design so bad. it signs me out every time i leave it. it's near impossible to like and hate comments. it really needs a professional web designer.

784 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about this. Can we just let it be?! If they get back together, fine with me. If they don't get back together, fine with me. They are adults, they can make their own decisions. And anyone who makes a relationship decision based on what Chris and Rihanna do because they're "role models" may need to talk to someone. But, people seem to forget that Chris has a girlfriend and Rihanna seems to be enjoying the single life. They can't exchange pleasantries?

784 days ago


Cannot believe the "culture" where anybody thinks it is ok for her to be beat on or that she was asking for it. She clearly has issues and needs help. He has huge rage issues he's always furious about something. He's a timebomb waiting to explode.

784 days ago


reminds me of the attraction flies have for feces

784 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Can't wait for the next 911 phone call... "Chris Brown almost beat me half to death." Imma make it my ring tone.

784 days ago


It's called Keep your nose on your OWN FACE. Leave Her alone. Not mine or your business period.

784 days ago

Rihanna miles    

Rihanna and Chris brown I believe will be together forever other and drake who knows what the future holds :)

784 days ago
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