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Usher to Ex-Wife


... Get Over It

9/8/2012 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher is firing back at his ex-wife in their bitter custody dispute -- claiming her "vile" attempts to regain custody of their children are an insult to the justice system.

As we reported, Usher emerged victorious after an arduous custody trial with his ex Tameka Raymond, in which the judge awarded Usher primary custody of the couple's two sons.

Tameka filed papers asking for a new trial -- on the grounds the judge had received campaign contributions from Usher's lawyer and was biased as a result -- but Usher says that's BS.

The singer filed his own response on Wednesday asking the court to deny Tameka's request, claiming her motion is "an assault on the integrity of the court." 

According to the docs, Usher believes Tameka is delusional, claiming if she were granted a new trial, it would be grounds for a reversal of ALL trials where a lawyer had contributed to a judge’s campaign.

Usher claims the motion "constitutes a continuum of [Tameka's] vile and unsupported claims that every person who dared testify against her ... is biased and tainted."

A judge has yet to rule on the matter.


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That is stupid. People contribute to whomever they choose and its insane to think a lawyer who supports a judge should never win a case because they politically support a candidate. He can offer his kids a better quality of life than she can and all she would do if she had custody would is get a nanny, spend his money, make him jump through hoops to be a dad, and look for a another rich man to marry. She shouldn't be alloweed to have those kids after her child DIED due to HER neglect. If Usher is such a BAD parent why would she have let her son who is not his child spend time with him during a holiday? Where was she that she could not spend a holiday weekend with her son? She obviously had no problems handing her kid over to him to be supervised during a custody battle no less. She is a classless black gold digging whore.

745 days ago


Usher is such a prick!! I pray she wins.

745 days ago


This evil,wicked adultress "GOLD DIGGER" do not deserve a new trial or those boys, she don't care about those boys she care about the life style and$$$$$$!

745 days ago


@DEE DEE....thank God i'm an exception i'm a African American woman and i got a divorce in November 2011 and my separation agreement was sweet i received the house, all the furniture in the house,$1,500.00 per month for eight years deducted from my ex-husband's paycheck, 50% of the 401k and 50% of his IRA pension and a peace of mine.

And during the divorce the judge restrain him from the property and made him continue to pay the mortgage, my car insurance and payments on brand new windows in the house, but i married this fool when i was 20 and we was married for 25 years.


745 days ago


Tameka wants the kids cause the checks come with the kids. Usher isn't being cheap at all. He adores those kids and has good reason why he doesn't want her to be their main role model.

745 days ago

Keeping it REAL    

This is why Tomeka LOST her children. Everytime I turned around this female was at a club or a get away after her divorce. She would be alone on vacation, NEVER did you see her children with her or even fly with her. No one EVER heard about her other children until Usher filed for custody.Then she started doing interviews talking about all of her children. This all started when she left her two month old with the nanny. NO one knew not even Usher that she was flying to Brazil to take care f who Herself and almost died. If this is not NEGLET then you people are crazy. She is a GOLD DIGGER that has lost her cash flow. She don't love anyone but her damn self. My mother was the same way.

744 days ago


Tameka had plans and it didn't work the way she wanted it to. now that karma is coming back in the worst way she is crying like a baby. some time things don't turn out the way we want it to especially since it's all about doing dirt and thinking that no one can see through your deceit. we all have to remember god don't like ugly and it doesn't matter what our plans are it all balls down to what god has planned.

744 days ago


Amen, and Amen again!!

744 days ago



744 days ago


Actually, she may have a case. Did her lawyer ask the judge to recuse him or herself due to a conflict of interests? It is unseemly for a judge to rule in favor of a political donor lawyer who appears before that court.

744 days ago


It's funny all of you stand up for Halle Berry's baby daddy but then you say it's wrong for her to get her kids and a bunch of money from usher and saying she needs to work and stop being a gold digger. What do you think he is? Pathetic man that dosn't want to work. Saying this money is for "Nalha" like a toddler needs 20,000 dollars a month. That's for his gold digging ass to keep up his lifestyle that he is accustom to. I can't believe ya'll. usally people think it's wrong for the men to do this but you all act like it's ok for this man to do this but not this woman?! Dosn't make sense. I think it's wrong for anyone to get child support especially if they have shard custody and were never married.

744 days ago


didnt she jus lose a son!!!! HOW COLD COULD HE BE BY TAKING HER OTHERS AWAY FROM HER!!! i bet he used her older son death to get them kids!!! shame on USHER!!!!!

744 days ago

mookie blue    

I think that Usher has done the right thing for his children his ex wife has been nothing but crazy since he left her publicly and privately she has been jailed several times for being violent to him and his girl friends and she has been nothing short of a mad woman they are better off with their dad rather than a woman scorned

744 days ago


Tameka foster should understand ,no judge inside the court gonna change the decision of God made ,first for the safety of the children usher 5and naviyd ely, tameka foster we not bias ok first you kind of person selfish mother never take care they children pass time with them, do activities with them ,give t hem away to anyone and more kile dead because too of your selfish he used to cook home for you,do you need a chief cook for you and kile you used to give him to cook ,i never do that when i take care all my nephew and niece can show ,God as take away his children for safety on your hand tameka foster ,no judge inside the court of georgia will change the decision even you lie about they judge to go on you favor ,because you wish they go on your favor ,because they did not go on your favor you upset wages insulted the judge be bias no the judge do something right to give usher raymond iv full custody of his children to put a term of your mess during four year hell can you imagine.and usher even disrespected me said am kind of person with your caractere when i don't look even close to your caractere none of his ex you or grace miguel a other case again more wrose.
i raise christian with God on my side ,young age and i learn to respect don't do crazy stuff ,am a care person for others.
God blessed the judge he make the decision because it was the right thing to do ,even your lawyer can fight back usher 5 and naviyd ely will stay with their daddy for safety .

743 days ago


The lord never return to a decision he already made ,even you will go to the higher court they still will against you because you have make even kile to cook food for you ,when you coming home or they cook for themself i have they picture ,what kile was doing inside the kichen to cook his owe food hello he only 11 year old ,saw this too shock me even the lord was give me direction ,you fighting usher5 and naviyd ely not to be able to take care them ,but to again give them away and too cook for you to eat ,that not the job of they children ,children need to be care for them ,better they go on tour with their daddy ,because after tour we will have a great dinner and play and enjoy and too usher won't stay single all his life the woman he will choose will be a help for him too if he choosing me ,mean i will be a great step mother for usher5 and naviyd ely because i love children and i promise one thing they won't die at the age 11 years old ,they will grow and drive their owe car to come to see you ,just give them a break for now and understand that.they children most stay with their daddy, .
and stop to insulted the all court because the decision don't go on your favor tameka foster stop and move one with your life or go on therapie.

743 days ago
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