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Jessica Simpson

You Can't See Me Yet!

9/9/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909_simpson_videoJessica Simpson isn't ready to fully show off her new and possibly slimmer body ... going out in only non-revealing clothing and clutching a big bag close to her body. 

TMZ posted pics of Jess earlier this week ... wearing multiple layers of clothing and holding a giant brown bag. Just this morning at LAX, Jess jetted out of town sporting a similar look, this time with a giant black bag.

Of course, Jess is no fool -- she's scheduled to appear on Katie Couric's new show this week to debut her slender, post-baby body ... so she's in no hurry to ruin that moment.

Clever girl.



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Americans should spend more time on their own lives, and less time concerning themselves with the daily activities of a half-wit.

740 days ago


Who really gives a ****? Fat, thin, talented or not...who really cares about Jessica Simpson??

740 days ago


Looks like Mr. Fiancée lost some much needed lard too

740 days ago


I think shes beautiful at any go girl,shut these haters up!!!! Everyone one of these posters would give anything to be you.....

740 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Mars can see you but don't worry, you'll be hot again. You make more money that way.
Phishing from Philly

740 days ago


Is her bag filled with Spanx?

740 days ago


slender?! girl bye...

740 days ago


So many celebrities and non-celebrities have had babies and have lost the weight gained. So what is the big deal? I think Weight Watchers was stupid to pay JS hundreds of thousands to lose weight. A celebrity losing weight does not inspire me to use that weight loss program.

740 days ago


What is this garbage---mystery of the week? Whe the hell cares what Jessica Simpsons poundage is? She is a normal mother and certainly no longer a STAR or whatever. Why would we care, Send her expensive food to Syria.

740 days ago


Boy, some pathetic person at TMZ must really have it out for her. You can tell from the video she's lost quite a bit of weight, she's just wearing over sized clothing and has huge boobs. PLENTY of celebrities wear baggy clothing when they're out and about, so why pick on her for it? As for the photos you posted last week, they're from almost 2 months ago. I attempted to post links to another site that posted them back then, but TMZ took the post down. Like I said, I saw her recently and she looked great. She does have really big boobs, but that's very common for new mothers. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't.

740 days ago


Imo js didn't gain pregnancy weight she just became her natural size while pregnant. She is naturally big but she like many celebrity women wants to be rich and liked so she makes sure she keeps her weight down. I here when women use pregnancy as an excuse for being big and eating too much. If that's what you like so what but do better while pregnant. Hell there were never any pic of her preggo and going go the gym just afterward.

740 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I just saw her slimmer self on the cover of a magazine at the grocery store. So, big deal.

740 days ago


The fat woman is fighting to get out.

739 days ago


OMG, she is STILL HUGE! I know Nick is overjoyed and so glad, he did not end up with this mess, not even a HOT mess, just a full blown mess. Hey Jessica, give it up honey. You may have been hot at one time, but Vanessa Lachey looks WAY better than you WHILE she is STILL pregnant. Vanessa is more beautiful, smarter, more mature and doesnt act like poor white trash! What is that sound? That is the sound of your celebrity status and career taking a nose dive into the ground! You should just go away and disappear. That would be a nice gift, to the rest of us. Just stop being an attention whore, and go away and nobody will care how fat, stupid and ugly you are. Then, you can eat all the garbage, pig slop you want, and nobody will care of comment on it. HEY......if you put your business out there for the whole world to see, people are GOING to say negative things. IF you dont want anything negative said about you, then dont put your life under a microscope for the world to see.

739 days ago

John T.    

It's sad that fat women blame it all on having a baby. They get PG and eat every thing in sight that they can get their hands on and say it's from being pg. The baby didn't weigh 60 pounds. I know women that had 4 and 5 and looked back to normal a week later. She was a fatty in the beginning, stop blaming the baby. You are obese.

739 days ago
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