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Rob Reiner

Clint's RNC Speech Was


9/9/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909_reiner_videoRob Reiner has always had a way with words and he dropped a critical one when talking about Clint Eastwood's speech at the Republican National Convention last week ... "embarrassing."

By now everyone has seen the "speech" ... with the "Unforgiven" star talking to an empty chair meant to symbolize President Barack Obama. 

Reiner, who was at the DNC, said he felt the Dems' convention was better (shocker). And last night outside Toscana in Brentwood, he told our photog he was embarrassed by Clint's baffling speech, adding, "I am a big fan of Clint's but not doing this."



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Jay W.     

Clint is 82 years old. Take it easy on the guy.

721 days ago


Clint is a old man who's time has past! He should've stayed home rocking in his chair, instead he made a fool of himself. Shame on Mitt!

721 days ago


Stifle yourself meathead.

721 days ago


Well, aint THAT IS WHAT THE REPUBLICAN'S IS MADE UP OF, a bunch of old white guys arguing with empty chairs?

721 days ago


Rob Reiner is a dumb, disgusting, slob. Clint Eastwood will still wake up tomorrow and be Clint Eastwood. He's an awesome actor who has paid his dues and he can say and do whatever the hell he wants!

As for Rob Reiner, unfortunately for him, he will wake up tomorrow and still be Rob Reiner. Which is something I would never wish on anyone!

Anyone remember the South Park episode about Rob Reiner going on and on and how horrible and dangerous smoking is while stuffing his fat pie hole with every food known to man? Yeah, that's about the ONLY thing I can recall when someone brings up the name 'Rob Reiner'. This guy is a moron and a tool.

721 days ago


Look in the mirror.... Now that is embarrassing... Yikes.... Clint is the best....

721 days ago


Of course he didnt like Clints speech, Clint was telling the truth. And of course everyone else in that town is a liberal who cant think straight.

721 days ago

Blim Jameson    

Commenters, be honest. Don't make this a political debate. Republicans here are running to the defense of Eastwood, but really shouldn't be: Eastwood did a great deal of harm to the convention and to Mitt Romney. Eastwood's questionable performance took away from the build up to Mitt Romney, plain and simple.

721 days ago


Rob is a bald, walking heart attack jerk......and NOBAMA is the embarrassment!!!!!

721 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

actors should just keep their political views to themselves
personally I thought Clint was funny and entertaining in a slow way but it became more about him the celebrity than about Romney

721 days ago

we need to stop smoking. even if that means killing Eric Cartman. now, where is the nearest chinese buffet.

721 days ago


I love Clint. I understood what he was doing with the chair. This just like the prince Harry thing is over. Eastwood is not running for President. So give it a rest TMZ

721 days ago


Big shocker! Yet another Hollywood liberal is talking trash about Eastwood. Why can't these tolerant people be tolerant of other views?

721 days ago


Look folks, Clint Eastwood just ain't gettin' any younger. Cut him some slack, ok?

721 days ago


If actors felt that celebrity and social issues didn't fit well, then they'd keep their celebrity out of social issues. They don't. And if actors felt that celebrity and politics didn't fit well, then they'd keep their celbrity out of political issues. They don't. The fact is, the entertainment industry CHOOSES to use its very public voice to push all sorts of causes. It is done ALL. THE. TIME. (and it gets very, very annoying. We love you for entertaining us, NOT for forcing your preferred side of social agendas, politicial party support, religious/spiritual "enlightenment", and son on. So if I had issue with Clint, it would be just that. Stick to acting, Mr. Eastwood. But to fault him as an "embarrassment" for using ACTING and DRAMA to make his political point? Dude, he used his SKILLS. Makes complete sense to me. What I find embarrassing is the whining you're doing because, I'm guessing, you don't AGREE with Mr. Eastwood and so you took a pot shot at him. Stick to directing celebrities, Mr. Reiner. Leave the political critiques to those who, like you, are expert in their chosen fields. "Hey, Clint. Rob Reiner called. He wants Hollwood's acting back where it belongs, which, according to him, is ONLY on the big screen. Well, least until HE wants to make his political or social issues voice heard."

721 days ago
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