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Jessica Simpson

I've Lost 40+ Pounds

9/10/2012 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jessica Simpson
says she's lost more than 40 POUNDS since giving birth to her baby 4 months ago.

Jessica revealed the weight loss number on Katie Couric's talk show today, claiming her weight loss surpassed the 40-pound mark ... but she wouldn't give an exact amount, saying, "It's not about the numbers."

Jessica also unveiled her new Weight Watchers commercial, shot two weeks ago. It's pretty funny because the commercial only focuses on Jessica's face. There is NO full body shot, which means WW probably wasn't too pleased with Jessica's weight loss numbers.

Jessica said, "I didn't want the big body reveal moment ... It wasn't me."



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Good for her!! You go girl!

740 days ago


AM I AMONG THE FEW WHO ARE SICK TO DEATH OF WEIGHT LOSS COMMERCIALS??? If, especially women, would follow simple rules, their goals can be achieved. The trick is plenty of fresh fruits, plenty of fresh veggies, green salads without dressing except a splash of lemon, a serving of hard cooked eggs, but toss the yoke for elevated cholesterol, but, above all, EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE! WILLPOWER is the key when all around you are enjoying a pizza and you are not. I am fully aware it is not easy, but, you can achieve results with strong determination going forward. Wouldn't it be better to save many dollars on commercials when you can do just as well on your own??? If you are doubtful, at least give it a try. I promise, it works!!! Good Luck!!!

740 days ago


You can tell by the size of her hands and face (they're not as chunky) that she has lost weight, but if she truly wants to show off her weight loss, she shouldn't have worn that dress. It's too easy to hide Spanx under it.

740 days ago


How come these videos never have sound when I view them on the iPad?

740 days ago


She looks great! I love her personality. She is a real woman and you gotta love her for it!

740 days ago


The fluffy black dress couldn't mask the emormous size of her face. Or calves. Girlfriend needs to come to grips with the fact she is a big girl now.

740 days ago


I GOOFED! On post 65, I forgot to say CUT THE SALT to a minimum and drink plenty of WATER, WATER, WATER, and, limited sodas. Sorry I goofed! Thanks!!!

740 days ago


Glad Jess is seeing some progress...but heysuz krist!

Give me a full-time physical trainer, a full-time gourmet chef, a full time dietician, a professional shopper (organic only please) 2 gym memberships, 1 spa membership, a 4 cartons of kools and an espresso machine and I will freakin disapear!

740 days ago


So who saw the commercial and thought, "That makes me want to sign up for Weight Watchers!"? Anybody? Anyone??

740 days ago


Jessica Simpson: "LOOK AT ME, I've LOST weight"
ME: "Look behind you, you'll find it".

I watched the clip of the katie Couric show. She seemd so fake and stupid. Remind me again, what exactly is she famous for? OMG, if she only knew how much NOBODY cares about her crap! Jessica is so annoying, so obnoxious and she just thinks she is ALL THAT and that her $h!+ dont stink. Get over yourself already. And I am going to say, what everyone else is thinking but nobody else will say: You CAN tell, it's so OBVIOUS, that she is wanting to look better, be better and have a higher "sex" status than Vanessa Lachey. It is very obvious that Jessica is jealous of all the publicity that Vanessa gets, and it's so obvious that Jessica feels as if she is in some kind of competition with Vanessa. VANESSA, isnt in your face 24/7, Vanessa isnt ALWAYS screaming, demanding attention. Vanessa is a classic beauty, who gets noticed for not trying to be OBVIOUS and trying to plaster herself everywhere. Vanessa has class, while Jessica is just poor white trash!
Jessica Simpson, another talentless, obnoxious brat who needs to disappear. *shaking my head*

740 days ago


Um, big deal? I gave birth less than 2 months ago and I already lost 30 lbs. But I only gained 35, it's amazing what eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein instead of buttered Pop-tarts, fried chicken and mac and cheese for 9 months will do!

740 days ago


She is still fat, untoned, out of shapeand basically pathetic. It would be all "about the weight" and the "big reveal" if she had put in some effort and had something amazing to reveal. She isnt fooling anyone with the whole "its just about the spirit" crap.

The commerical is a total joke. She has a double chin, isnt skiny and basically states it is just about being healthy not about losing weight. Ummmm who intheir right mind would pay to join weight watchers just "too be healthy". Whomever gave the ok for the commercial should be fired. makes WW look like a laughing stock.

740 days ago


Just another :Celebrity fit club/biggest loser" contestant waiting to happen. Step on the scale Jessica, the scale doesnt lie! *lol

740 days ago


Would somebody PLEASE get Phishie from Philly a day-job?...

740 days ago


How far has Katie Couric's career fallen that she has been reduced to interviewing brainless bimbos? #NextStopQVC

740 days ago
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