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Johnnie Cochran's Family

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor

Is a Dirty, Rotten Liar

9/10/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Johnnie Cochran's widow is FURIOUS at former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden ... claiming allegations that Johnnie tampered with the infamous bloody glove are pure B.S.

TMZ spoke with famed attorney Shawn Holley -- Cochran's former right hand woman-- who tells us Johnnie's widow Dale Cochran is outraged by Darden's claim ... explaining, "It makes no sense."

Darden recently made the comments while speaking at Pace Law School ... saying, "I think Johnnie tore the lining. There were some additional tears in the lining so that O.J.'s fingers couldn't go all the way up into the glove."

Holley tells TMZ ... if Darden really did believe his insane theory he FAILED in his legal obligation to raise the issue in court ... adding, "to bring it up 17 years later when Johnnie Cochran is dead ... it's just, it's unbelievable. It's maddening."


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And OJ is a murderer and the people who defended him are just as bad as he is. Horrid bitch.

780 days ago


And the Ktrashian slimy connections continue. Their father knew OJ was guilty and defended him. I'll never forget the disgusted look on his face when they said "not guilty".

780 days ago


Maybe if Chris Darden had spent less time 'bangin' Marcia Clark and more time on the case the outcome may have been different.

780 days ago


Wow really? a special place in hell for the wife of a man who was doing his job? You Religious zealots make me sick.

780 days ago

Charles G. Ferrell    

Isn't Darden the same guy who was banging his co-prosecutor Marsha Clark during the trial? These two lame prosecutors were too busy screwing each other to notice if anyonebody was screwing with the evidence. They should keep their mouths shut on this case. Not their best moment.

780 days ago


Why no question about Shawn Holley? She should be disbarred.

780 days ago


this was payback for rondey king. he was never going to be found guilty anyway with a mainly black jury out in LA at that time period no way was he going to be much evidence to say he is innocent.and the well they framed him is a bunch of bull **** the race baiters drummed up.her blood was in his bronco and so doubt the ****** did it

780 days ago

Cousin Vinny    

Anyone can make a glove not fit by simply spreading their fingers. Also Johnnie made sure that OJ wore the largest, baggiest rubber gloses made. They were so loose they would barely stay on. Maybe he had those custom made. . .? Who of OJ's attorneys are still alive God rest their souls?

780 days ago


What makes Shawn Holley a "famed attorney"? She participated in the acquittal of a double murderer. I remember her sobbing when the verdict was read, she was so young, and I never understood her reaction. They won, the bastards! Now she defends celebrities, who like her previous client, doesn't feel that the law applies to them! Great career!

780 days ago

Joseph Bouchard    

Instead of coming up with this crap 17 years later, and instead of banging that ugly Marcia Clark why did he just adequately present it then when he was supposed to be working on the case.
What a douche bag - probably has a book in the works and needs money!!!!! Maybe he has a sex video with Kim K too - wait how about Khris Karadasian - how ironic would that be!!!!!!!!!!

780 days ago

Cousin Vinny    

Anyone can make a glove not fit simple by spreading their fingers. The greatest trick was finding monster size rubber gloves that were so big they almost fell off durring the infamous demonstration. Purhaps Jonnie had those custom made. How many of those original attorneys are still alive? R.I.Hxxx

780 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

O.J ****ing did it ! He did it ! He killed them I know he did !

780 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Regardless of the -irrelevant- opinions of an over-priced "lawyer", You, and I?

GOD sees EVERYTHING: All, in -near- DUE time.

DEUTERONOMY Twelve;29.....
Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE,
Proverbs Twelve;7 is NOW,
Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King Yeshua reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living Yahweh!

780 days ago


We all know O.J. killed those two people...johnnie Cochran freed a murderer and I believe in what the prosecutors have to say about that creep that defended and got a murderer off...but payback came to jonnie in the form of death, so to me justice was served...just the defender that died not the murderer!

780 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

By the way, OJ killed those two nice people, and any intelligent person knows it. It's the only thing that matters, and that dumb ignorant idiot Dale ****-ring should go stick her head back in the sand (or wherever she prefers to stick it).

780 days ago
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