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Johnnie Cochran's Family

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor

Is a Dirty, Rotten Liar

9/10/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Johnnie Cochran's widow is FURIOUS at former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden ... claiming allegations that Johnnie tampered with the infamous bloody glove are pure B.S.

TMZ spoke with famed attorney Shawn Holley -- Cochran's former right hand woman-- who tells us Johnnie's widow Dale Cochran is outraged by Darden's claim ... explaining, "It makes no sense."

Darden recently made the comments while speaking at Pace Law School ... saying, "I think Johnnie tore the lining. There were some additional tears in the lining so that O.J.'s fingers couldn't go all the way up into the glove."

Holley tells TMZ ... if Darden really did believe his insane theory he FAILED in his legal obligation to raise the issue in court ... adding, "to bring it up 17 years later when Johnnie Cochran is dead ... it's just, it's unbelievable. It's maddening."


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While we're on this subject, I found it interesting that Gerry Spence pointed out in his book, The Last Word On OJ, that the race card was going to played even before Johnnie Cochran came on board, yet people blamed Johnnie for "playing the race card." As Gerry so aptly pointed out, if you have any possible viable defense, such as race, it would have been legal malpractice not to use it. I've been a Gerry Spence fan for a long time, even before this trial.

770 days ago


Makes no sense. Only if you wanted to make the glove seem to fit a hand that was too big would you tear the lining, not the other way around.

Also, Darden could have examined the glove at the trial and mentioned tears in the lining, couldn't he?

Further, what happens if you happen to get out of a swimming pool or bathtub and slip into leather shoes or sandals without drying your feet? LEATHER STRETCHES WHEN WET -- IT DOES NOT SHRINK! Those shoes could well be stretched out and ruined and never fit you correctly again.

I think OJ is guilty, but that the glove was probably planted, as well as the infamous bloody sock. The joke I've heard around here (in LA) is that LAPD couldn't even [competently] frame a guilty man.

770 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I will NEVER forget the facial expression of Robert Kardashian when the verdict was read NOT GUILTY....was alllllll over his face..justice was not served and he KNEW his friend who he help defend WAS guilty....that image never left me btw whenever this subject comes it for those who were too young

770 days ago

Joan K    

Whatever, that sick POS is in prison and with any luck he will be there till his end. I hope his tiny cell is driving him nuts and he thinks about the way he killed two innocent people.

770 days ago

paul a.    

Stop with the outrage Shawn. Youre the kind of lawyer guilty people hire.
OJ was guilty as sin and you know it....

770 days ago


Darden's drinking heavily again and must need Betty Ford treatment. Although Cochran may not have tampered with the gloves other evidence indicates he was complicit in the concealment of exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated Simpson initially. JC agreed behind closed doors to suppress phone records of OJ's in-laws, Exhibit 35 Juditha Brown phone records. Read "PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial and its Hidden Secrets" at amazon. In 1999, Darden and Simpson were unknowingly simultaneous patients of Dr. Henry S. Johnson, who was also chairman of the OMIG investigative group. Darden fell out with Dr. Johnson when he saw him on FOX NEWS alleging the conspiratorial malfeasance of both, members of the "Dream Team" and Simpson prosecutors, to suppress exculpatory evidence that could have exonerated Simpson. You can watch Cochran admit to the concealment when the jury was out at this YouTube link below for the do***entary "Serpents Rising".

770 days ago


Johnnie Cochran got what he deserved, an early death. One big piece of garbage manipulating all evidence and shoving the race card out.

770 days ago


Let's see here...rather thin leather, that turns out to be wet blood soaked gloves, washed off with water from the sprinkler system along side the house, then dried out completely in SoCal warm weather, and found by detectives and put in a plastic bag, then exposed to more dry air from being out on examination in air conditioned buildings. You don't have to have much experience in life to know that if the gloves were snug fitting on OJ's hands before they got wet, that imported Italian thin leather sure shrunk quite a bit by the time he tried them on in court. Of course they did not fit. What happened to common sense in this trial?

770 days ago


Almost everyone, except for the jury, knew the proscecution made their case. Blacks on the jury didn't see a problem with a wife beater and there was no way they would convict a famous black man for murder. That being said, it was low rent for Chris Darden to bring this up after all these years.

770 days ago


This trial was the soap opera of the century. The only way the victims rest in peace now is seeing several of the parties responsible for the miscarriage of justice dead now (Kardashian, Cochran, F. Lee Bailey), and the primary monster in prison and ruined.

I wonder about those now grown-up children and whether they've figured out the truth for themselves.

770 days ago

Lana Caine    

Johnnie ****roach got what he deserved--a slow, painful death. Good riddance. He is a perfect example of why people hate lawyers. I will go to his grave and take a dump on the tombstone and love every minute of it. Same for that good-for-nothing (and now dead, Yeah!) Robert Kardashian.

770 days ago


OJ says he did not murder those 2 people...Who is the Liar?

769 days ago

JR Hayslett    

Darden is still trying to cover up his incompetence. Read my book "Anatomy of a Trial: Public Loss, Lessons Learned from The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

769 days ago

william sims    

What a WUSS Christopher Darden is. Never in my wildest dreams could I BLAME the killing of a WHITE WOMAN on a man who has been dead since 2005. Johnie Cochran gave a defense that is and was one of the best defenses in the judicial element. Uncle Tom Darden is a wacko and should be dissbarred

769 days ago


Maybe Cochran didn't do it himself, but someone on the defense team compromised the evidence. I still wonder what happened to the piece of luggage that OJ handed to Kardashian. It disappeared. Why is Cochran's wife/family concerned anyway? OJ is in jail and Cochran is dead.

769 days ago
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