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Kanye West

Watched Kim K Sex Tape

While Banging Other Chicks

9/10/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_kanye_west_kardashian_sex_tape_tmzBefore Kanye West was nailin' Kim Kardashian ... he used to nail other chicks while watching Ray J nail Kim Kardashian.

Multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation tell us ... Kanye used the Kim K sex tape in the bedroom to get him in the mood ... and it always worked.

As we previously reported, Kanye has had a thing for Kim dating back several years ... and even tried to get her to break up with Reggie Bush in 2009 so they could get together.

We know he loves the sex tape ... he even raps about it on his upcoming album.

Now, Kanye doesn't need the sex tape anymore ... he has the real thing ... and once again, Ray J becomes irrelevant.


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...Would have commented sooner but had to clean the puke off my keyboard...

744 days ago


Wow integrity, and humility just doesn't exist with these people does it. Kim K shame on you you nasty dirty thing, you really have no morals do you.

744 days ago


Yeah right. More like he was getting turned on by Ray J. This guy is so gay.

744 days ago


this is actually pretty creepy in my book....I'm not sure how I would feel if caught wind of something like thi

744 days ago


I'm lost for the last time what is it that Kim did? Besides bring the world best C*** sucker. You would think she sucked of Bill. All she did was suck off brandy's brother

744 days ago


Now if that isn't love I not know what is! Maybe this could be part of their vows when they get married. " I knew you were the one, when I has to watch your sex tape with other women to get off."

744 days ago

Joan K    

Dear Kimmie, Trahsian, When you idiots put this garbage out there don't you ever think about what the public is really thinking about you? I bet your old boyfriends and your X husband thank their lucky stars everyday that they got rid of your fat azz. I also find it hard to believe that your Pimp Mama and Brucie find this crap entertaining but who knows. The two of you were made for each other that is plain to see, maybe you could go buy an island somewhere far, far away so the world doesn't have to hear or see you idiots again.

744 days ago


Ugly chipmunk looking n*gger

744 days ago


So Amber Rose couldn't get it up for him? That's what the sources are saying? They just proved he is gay!! He was obviously watching for RayJ if Amber couldnt do it for him. KK is too stupid to put this all together herself. Wonder what she is going to say when he finally comes out? No, I don't.

744 days ago


Kim...... Use some of that $$$$
to get Kanye's teeth whitened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They Look Nasty........... Yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

744 days ago


Kayne is just a pig! And she is just as disgusting for letting him talk about her and their relationship like this.

744 days ago

Bitch please    

Kim is too retarded and stupid to understand that this is not a compliment to her. It guarantees that Kanye likes skanks, hoes or prostitutes. Because no woman with morals or dignity, " in the first place would ever consider being with him" and also they would not be there watching her sex tape or even let him watch that disgusting thing. So to sum it up, Kanye is pretty much making it clear that the women he f'cks or goes out with are skanks, hoes and or prostitues that he has to pay for. So Kim pick which one of those are you. Cause since your dating him those are the type of women he likes. My votes is your the skank hoe one. I left the prostitute one out since you already made money and noteriety from that sex tape. Kim you need to thank Ray J BIG TIME FOR MAKING YOU FAMOUS!

744 days ago


Can you imagine when Kim K and Kanye breakup? I guarantee it's going to be the best inspiration for song lyrics that he ever wrote. I predict it will be his best selling music CD ever.

744 days ago


He's watching to get lessons from Ray J.

744 days ago


Got to hand it to Kayne....he takes morals, ethics, class, respect, trust and character to the sewer level like no one else. Kris just sits back and rakes in the dough while permitting this idiot to treat her like a street whore.

744 days ago
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