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'Waterboy' Star

I Fought in Vietnam ...

and There Were Casualties

9/10/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blake Clark is an American hero ... not just because he starred in "The Waterboy" and "Boy Meets World" -- he's a military vet who served in Vietnam ... and knows first hand about the horrors of war.

Clark -- who's been in a TON of Adam Sandler flicks and also voiced Slinky the dog in "Toy Story 3" -- was at LAX this weekend when we started talking politics.

"I'm not a socialist," Clark told us ... "I killed socialists ... I was in Vietnam ... I was an infantry platoon leader."

Clark was involved in combat missions ... and says he did kill people during the war ... explaining, "That's what you do in combat ... you don't dart 'em and tag 'em and follow their migration ... you kill 'em."

Clark added, "I was a platoon leader ... so my job wasn't actually to shoot people, although I did. Mine was to command the platoon in combat, call in artillery and mortars and air strikes."

We asked if Clark would ever want to participate in a movie about Vietnam ... but the actor told us, "A lot of times directors don't want somebody [with actual war experience] because they think that I would try to direct the movie ... which I wouldn't."


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Love this guy :)

773 days ago


I hope while he was killing socialists he bagged a couple of communists, too.

773 days ago


Well, Mr. Clark, thank-you very much for your service to our country.

773 days ago


Fire this guy... The line of questions and his complete lack of knowledge about anything dealing with Vietnam. If you don't know the subject then you let them lead the interview..

He could have said oh you were in Vietnam.. What would you tell the younger generation about that war.. or.. hell anything..

Don't just start asking how many people he has killed. Thats just disrespectful.. This isn't a video game and he has to deal with this stuff for the rest of his life. Most Americans don't care if he killed one guy or a million. Only screw balls focus on ranks and jobs.

Some guys were lucky to come out and dump a lot of it and not suffer things like PTSD etc. Even if your lucky doesn't mean something wont trigger a bad memory just like with anything else in life. These guys didn't get the reception our troops are getting today. You need to act like a adult and understand that a lot of people died on both sides. Its disrespectful to discount it like its nothing.

People need to remember we have 18 service members commit suicide a day... How about you respect them and let them know your there rather than worry about video game stats..

773 days ago


Well written John, I hope your message sinks in....US military members ThankYou for the things we're able to take for granted in America...

773 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

His stand up is awesome.
I wonder who he's voting for. Come on. You know he's not voting for Obama.
Phishie from Philly

773 days ago


Unlike my grandfather, also a war veteran, this man has no dignity.

773 days ago

Mary P    

His best role for me was always Lucy's dad in 50 First Dates. "My thon is thupid". I've always loved Blake Clark though, he's a great actor both serious and comedic and is one of the few that can actually bring the two together. I always wished he had more huge roles.

773 days ago


Thank you for your service and the movies that you were in

773 days ago

She's baaaack    

Thank you for your service. That war was horrible in every way. Most of the young men who were fighting in that war were drafted, placed into hell and had to try to survive then when they came home because that war was so unpopular the soldiers were also unpopular. Instead of being thanked for going to that worthless war when America decided to eat her young, they were spat upon and called baby killers when they returned. Thank you for your service Sir. May your nights all be peaceful.

773 days ago


If he's comfortable talking about his experiences, I say Kudos! My Dad is a Vietnam veteran and he still won't talk about the combat aspect of his time there. He talks about the guys he met and the things they did but not combat. Love ya Blake. My favorite skit is when he's talking about being asleep and his friend says, "Blake? Blake? Blake?" "Wha?" "You asleep?" Punch.

773 days ago


Thank you, Blake, for fighting when called upon. You are a great American. As for TMZ, don't play Charlie Rose, you're not good at it, and you don't have the credentials.

773 days ago


a endless war to end all wars that want all forever and did nothing for america but kill it`s youth and waste its taxes dollars.The pinko commie ***gits were also at war to end the war as well as the most of the voters and anti-war movement.WE WON the the draft was ended if all those hippys dirtbags and bra less types had`nt foght to end the war he would just be one more cross in the grave yards forgotten but once a year.NAM did nothing but waste money and lifes,yes we have to defend ourselfs as in defend our homeland but after all those wars overseas our own homeland isn`t safe still and we have bush/reagan gettoes coast-coast FIGHT SMART stay at home defend our homeland and save our money for any defence needed.Now we still have afganstan which russia and the USA have been wageing war in since the 1970s one more nam war to end all wars just a proving grounds a test site but a country we should have left back in the 70`s also

773 days ago


if he likes killn so so much he should go back to afgnastan or any one of the stans as his comedys don`t kill they suck

773 days ago


nam as a FN tup needless drone on forever kill the commies whom WON ANYWAY but we saved those killroy want2bs and now we have to put up with thier kill everybody stick.SAM KENNISON was the only one who could make commie DDD`s based on nam.WWII was a real FN war not a police action DMZ test ground provinf feild test for weapon sells and MADD vs MADD mindsets heel bent on nuclear hells costs.CHINA IS RED and commie but we live on thier every dollar store product today and everybody gets along just fine so really everyone today is a dollar store commie lover.Should have defended the union keep the wall?

773 days ago
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