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Britney Spears

Cuts Deal in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

9/11/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has struck a settlement with the former bodyguard who claimed the pop star was a genital-flashing sexual harasser during his time with the singer ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents, Britney and Fernando Flores agreed to end their 2-year legal war ... which started when Flores filed a lawsuit claiming she was a naked menace to work for.

In his suit, Flores had alleged Britney would intentionally drop her cigarette lighter in Fernando's presence and then bend over to pick it up ... and "thereby exposed her uncovered genitals."

Flores also claimed Spears abused her children.

Spears adamantly denies all of the allegations -- but sources tell TMZ she coughed up a modest financial settlement just to make the case go away. We're told the settlement was amicable ... but the money didn't even cover all of Flores' legal costs.

Of course, Spears is still under a conservatorship so the settlement will have to be approved by a probate court before it becomes a done deal ... but that's just a formality and shouldn't stop the deal from going through.


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What's the issue here?

775 days ago

News Flash     

Oops She Did It Again...

775 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You know the bodyguard liked it. I guess he just seen an easy pay day.
Phishie from Philly

775 days ago


LOL @ it not even covering the stupid ****s legal fees.

775 days ago


Glad it ended up costing that ******* in the end.

775 days ago


It's so strange when a wealthy person "settles" a lawsuit, because you never know why. She could very easily have done what he claimed she did, she was bat-**** crazy back then. Or she could just be thinking this is just a total drain on her emotionally and financially. If it went before a jury, the embarrassment would be epic. But then again, we all know the accusations, just haven't seen the proof. But if someone accused be of abusing my kids, I think I might have to take it to the end to prove I didn't do that...

775 days ago


what a vagina.... oh no... some girl showed me her parts...

man up and hit it.

I guess you didn't like it because you like guys. Personally I don't care but don't sue a girl because she shows off some goodies..

775 days ago

Will E    

Obviously the guy likes it up the pooper rather than putting in the vag..

775 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Britney is a talent less skank. I'm sure he got a good settlement.

775 days ago


Never understood her popularity. What talent does she have she lip synces and her voice is enhanced with electronics. Has anyone ever really heard her sing?

Why did she settle. Doesn't matter the amount it's the fact that she did. Oh,'s the ever popular just want to make it go away.

775 days ago


Most sexual harassment cases are bullsh-t, from both men and women...though women are 99% of the court cases.
I've seen so many men fired over the years, for sexual harassment that never happened, over stupid things like a manager I worked with saying to a woman employee..."Wow nice dress, you're lookin' pretty", witnesses agreed that's all he said, he still got fired and she won money from the company.
Three times I've seen women try to claim sex harassment when it never happened, witnesses spoke up, in one case I was one of the witnesses, woman flat out lied, me and three other employees were there during the incident, she was being sexual and physical, he wasn't doing anything sexual at all.
Women win huge amounts of money in sexual harassment cases, up to the millions in the big there's incentive to lie.
Men can do it too, just really rare, but they can, such as here, I doubt he felt "harassed" by seeing her va jay jay, he could have just quit and got another job...just like women can if they're uncomfortable around their boss.
Don't like your boss, then quit, don't sue the company and put other people out of work so you can score a fat payday.

775 days ago


Why couldn't I get that job?

775 days ago


where do i apply to be britney spears bodyguard ?

775 days ago


Haha these stars think that they are appealing to everyone. Some men have class and don't judt go in stick their thing in anyone, celebrity or not. That takes a real man to have self control. And plus a lot of these stars have herpes, HIV, etc. and they carelessly spread it to anyone. And have you seen Britney without makeup? Not all that.

775 days ago


I'm sure she must be guilty if she settled. The fact that the press (her PR) says that the bodyguard got hardly enough to pay his legal bills is just trying to diminish her guilty behavior. I don't think she is perverted, I believe she was experiencing some mania at the time. IMHO.

775 days ago
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