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Khloe Kardashian

Simon's Pick

For 'X Factor'

9/11/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0911_khloe_kardashian_x_factor_articleSimon Cowell has made his decision ... he wants Khloe Kardashian to host "X Factor" and it's now in the hands of FOX -- network sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Simon made the case that Khloe is a big draw who will complete the circle of making the show decidedly younger than last season. Khloe has a connection to Britney Spears and Demi Lovato and Simon believes the three of them create an authentic vibe that none of the other potential hosts bring to the table.

We're told FOX must now sign off on Simon's choice and that decision is expected within a week.

One source said it's "highly likely" the network will give Khloe its stamp of approval.


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Trooper Tom    

Simon knows his show is not what he boasted it would be and now he's trying to cover his rear end by hiring a no talent from a notorious family of media whores

710 days ago


I thought he was smarter than that. ugggg.

710 days ago


Real dumb move if the show hires Sasquatch.

710 days ago



Simon, I think your overly tight T-shirt has finally stopped blood flow to your brain. Khloe's entire family, collectively, doesn't have the brains/image/ability in their whole bodies that either Carson or Ryan do in their pinkies...

And you're gonna throw Britney and Demi into the mix, claiming they have a "terrific vibe"? The only vibe they'll have will need to be powered by a truckload of AAA batteries!!


710 days ago


Sad news for AI - I won't be watching - don't support anything Kardashian and I have no intentions of starting now - add to that Nikki and I am done with AI.

710 days ago


Whoops.....that's right, Nikki is on the OTHER show going downhill......wont' be watching that one either....

710 days ago


famous for having a sister with a sex tape... why exactly should be giving anyone advice on anything?

710 days ago


Hell has frozen over...

710 days ago


What credentials does she have? It's either a) the sister of a tramp, cleat chaser who got famous for taping getting peed on or 2) OJ Simpson's illegitimate daughter. Actually, she is the most entertaining of the 3 sisters, which is absolutely saying nothing. Odom is great though.

710 days ago

arale norimaki    

what khloe talent again?

that right kim love to suck and she a slutt.

is khloe kardashian oj's daughter

710 days ago


Great - she's the only one I like in the whole family!

710 days ago


I don't watch the show anyway. Now I know I will definately turn it on. The Voice is way better. No talent judging for talent? hmmmm bright work network people.

710 days ago

Seymour Bluffs    

This show sucked anyway so wasn't planning on watching it, I may tune in now just to see her make a complete fool of herself....

710 days ago


I will never, ever, ever, ever watch anything with a Kardashian on it.

710 days ago


First off, Khloe is a finalist to be chosen a HOST of X-Factor...not as a judge. Whether it's to host, judge, whatever Simon says about the "authentic vibe" Khloe, Brittney & Demi would have... Khloe does not need to be on the show...period! A host for these types of talent shows (i.e. X-Factor, Idol, The Voice, Duets, The Next) is like a traffic cop...they are there to move the show along in a timely matter (performances, judges critiquing, commercial breaks, etc.) much as he has over saturated himself all over TV, that's one of things Ryan Seacrest has done well on Idol-that's why they pay him so much. (P.S.-Seacrest was terrible, corny & not needed on the Olympics coverage...but since he's 1 of the big stars under the NBC Universal/E! Umbrella, the viewing audience has no choice). That's why, as boring as he may be, Carson Daly works well on The Voice...he monitors the action on the show & he plays his position by letting Christina, Cee Lo, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton do what they do in critiquing the talent and being the music stars they are. Plus...Seacrest & Carson have experience & knowledge of the music world since they've been hosts on national radio shows for a long time...don't forget-as the host for years, Carson made MTV's TRL what it was for so many years. Having said all of that...what experience does Khloe have in hosting a "talent competition" on TV? (that's what Simon has always called X-Factor & Idol). Khloe has no experience...NONE! I don't care about her being on the Kardashians show, selling clothes & makeup, etc...Khloe has no experience for this TV hosting job. If she become the host, then Fox & Simon only care about getting ratings with Khloe, Brittney, Simon, etc. and not with the talent competition. That's why you can't take the X-Factor & shows like this seriously...I never have! Last year, X Factor had around 10-12million in audience watching every week...ok TV numbers but terrible in comparsion to what they predicted for the show...the days of getting 30million in audience every week like Idol got in the beginning are long gone, sorry Simon (and Harvey). If they make Khloe the host, yeah they might get a upswing in numbers the first few shows she is hosting because of curiosity, but they will drop if Khloe doesn't know what she's doing on stage as host and the contestants aren't is a "talent competition", right? Even though these have invested years & mega $$$ with these shows, I don't give them a lot of shelf life too much longer...they've all run its course. I gve X-Factor this season & next before its a wrap...and depending on who the other 2 judges will be, I say the same with Idol but they are quietly on life support and will be on death watch this reality, Idol was over 2-3 seasons ago people... It's another part of what society & television has become....rewarding people who have no talent with gigs & shows and paying them millions. Plus with these unstable characters with no talent on these reality shows, that's what people like to see...human train's the unfortunate TV guilty pleasure we are forced to watch because nowadays, LOTS of people have short attention spans and talk stupidness on social media before thinking. It's a win-win for the watch people who are talented but you definitely watch people with no talent/crazy/unstable and their shows just to see what they're gonna do. We know Brittney is a potential time bomb waiting to happen so people will watch, especially when the live shows start. I mean, what talent can Brittney really judge with her non singing/lip syncing talents? Brittney (late 2000s), Paula Abdul (late 1980s/early 1990s) & J-Lo (late 1990s/early 2000s) are the same person in different decades... non singers who can dance but with their record labels promotion & lots of money were made stars. Lots of people will read this and think I'm hating on Khloe, Brittney, X-Factor, Idol, Reality TV....not even th case. I'm going by what I see, hear & read don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out... In the words of officer joe friday..."just the facts ma'am"... I got a question for everybody, especially the TMZ staff... Take away Phillip Phillps and his song Home (which got extensive mileage & exposure by being played throughout the Olympic coverage), Carrie Underwood (who is a star but Country music stars always have faithful fans following them)... When was the last time a contestant became a legitamate star/recording artist from being on these talent shows??? Go ahead & think about it...I'll wait...

710 days ago
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