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Randy Back on Idol

Blessing or Diss?

9/11/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Randy Jackson's been saved! Pulled of the heap of fired "American Idol" judges, but considering 'Idol' chased several other judges before crawling back to the Dawg -- should he be thrilled or feel insulted?

Plus, Jessica Simpson's new Weight Watcher's ad has us asking one big question: WHERE'S HER BODY? Why hide her progress ... if she's making progress?

And the "Gangnam Style" phenomenon hits the TMZ newsroom as Psy drops in to debut a brand new dance move -- which Harvey and Charles can't pull off (shocker) -- and reveals why he totally blew it in Boston.

(0:00) Randy Jackson is back being a judge on "American Idol" -- because it's too late for them to hire anybody else. Huge slap in the face?
(6:30) Jessica Simpson's new Weight Watchers commercial ... never shows her body ... even though she just went on national TV.
(11:30) An email sent by the president of AEG details how messed up Michael Jackson was when he was preparing for the "This Is It" tour.
(16:45) The women of "The Talk" did their show without makeup on. Harvey is "somewhat impressed."
(19:00) Psy -- the Internet sensation behind the "Gangnam Style" video -- is in the house!
(25:45) You gotta see this -- Psy attempts to teach Harvey and Charles a brand new dance. Doesn't work so well.
(28:00) Kim Kardashian compares her divorce to ... an 18-year-old girl's struggle with cancer. So that happened.
(30:10) The Seal who spilled the beans about Osama Bin Laden's killing may be in big trouble ... because the current Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, gave an interview hinting about punishment.
(34:00) Chris Brown's new tattoo looks a lot like Rihanna.
(38:05) Kelly Rutherford picks up a new powerhouse attorney to try and get her kids back in the states -- a guy who helped out on the OJ Simpson case.
(40:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Harvey...why are you so upset & offended by Jessica when Jennifer Hudson said the 'exact' same thing in the early stages of her weight loss? Your judgmental attitude is pathetic!!!!

779 days ago


Okay - Easy Harvey !!!! I don't hear you talking about Hardcore drug Addict anytime you talk about " Elvis Presley "...

779 days ago

Karen comment should include Mike....did you rag on Jennifer Hudson when she first was in her Weight Watchers commercials...before she lost 80 lbs? I think not.

779 days ago


Sounds like Idol is getting desperate because they can't find anyone else that wants to sit next to Mariah

779 days ago


wth is their obsession with Jessica's looks and weight??? They do a story about it every week, at least, and then all sit around and laugh at her. It's messed up. She is a beautiful woman who just had a baby...have some respect for that.

779 days ago


They forgot to attach the nude pics of Prince Harry again to the story about the taliban wanting to kill him in Afghanistan.

779 days ago


Jessica always looks pretty

779 days ago


I still cant get over the fact that Mike is married...

Did she/he lose a bet?

779 days ago


Comments are taking looooong time to post, they must be going around the world first

779 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

There's weird stuff going on in your pants Harvey get your hands outa there.

779 days ago


Has anyone here gone on the TMZ tour bus?

If I saw that thing I would throw a large rock right at the window.

779 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

New to the witness protection program skyper? or just can't remember your name?

779 days ago


With those pants if Harvey starts dancing around we might see a vienna sausage

779 days ago


I don't get the point of showing the last Skyper, about the no make up. Was TMZ being sarcastic?

779 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Next week can you have the lightsaber fighting kittens from youtube on?

779 days ago
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