Al Roker The Babbling Audio You Weren't Supposed to Hear

9/12/2012 3:25 PM PDT
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Al Roker
seems to be a happy camper on the "Today" show ... despite the alleged tension between himself and Matt Lauer ... and the proof lies in an audio clip the public wasn't supposed to hear.

Roker was doing his usual weather thing this morning ... when he tossed to the local anchors for the local weather report. For some reason, WNBC in New York didn't cut away from the "Today" feed ... and continued to air footage that Al, Matt and the rest of the unsuspecting gang didn't think was being broadcasted.

During the rare behind-the-scenes moment, Al was pretty funny ... happily babbling to himself while Matt and Natalie Morales had a friendly exchange over how to pronounce the name of Amanda Knox's former boyfriend.

Al chimed in during the debate ... with a song. It's pretty funny ...check it out.