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Heidi Klum

Yes, I'm Banging the Bodyguard

9/12/2012 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Klum
just admitted on national television ... she's getting it on with her bodyguard -- but the supermodel insisted she never cheated on Seal.

Heidi just opened up on Katie Couric's talk show, claiming she "never looked at another man" while she was with Seal -- despite Seal's accusations she boned the family bodyguard behind his back while they were married.

Heidi said she's known the bodyguard for 4 years and, over that time, they've become very close. Heidi said they are now "seeing" each other.

She added, "I don't know if I can call it [a relationship]. It just started. I don't know."


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I think shes honest and believable, and seal screwing some brunette on a yacht probably paid for by Heidi..i mean hes a condescending wanker , sorry he is, not cool , i know hes known as a nice guy ..he was an absolute arrogant prick. The guys last hit was Kiss from a Rose..if it wasn't for Heidi he would be in celebrity Big Brother UK by now and come on u all know it!!!!!!!!

740 days ago


Oh she is such a liar!!! She was "vibing" or more with the help long before her marriage was over. She didn't just turn around and look at him in a different way over night. She'd better hope he didn't secretly video tape any action that may have occurred. If he did, he'll have some serious blackmail material to use against her when she dumps him for the next chauffeur or bodyguard.

740 days ago


LOL @ stammering with tons of 'you-knows' being honest and believable. People that you-know all the time either doubt what they are saying or don't know what they are saying.

740 days ago


The Heidi and Seal soap opera just keeps churning out more weirdness every week. Banging the bodyguard looks really bad for the kids because it messes up their perception of the divorce. It looks like Heidi got into this relationship for the convenience and desperation to prove her self worth. Heidi needs to get counseling ASAP to come to terms with her anger issues. With all of her money, she could do much better than dating her bodyguard.

740 days ago


If she wasn't banging the bodyguard while married... why would Seal know she was banging the bodyguard at all before she openly admitted to dating him? sometimes where there's smoke, there's fire. Its always like those break up rumor denials only to end up with the official break up announcement.

740 days ago

Jay W.     

She went black.... but then she went back... ?
I'm confused.

740 days ago


Why lie now when you've already admitted you're dating? What's the point? Idiiotic

740 days ago


Cant believe a white man would sink so low as to have anything to do with that trash.

740 days ago


Once you go black, bang the guy in your back.

740 days ago


Shame on both of you for taking this public and humiliating your children over it.

740 days ago


Thank God Seal got rid of her cheating ass.

740 days ago


You guys are worst than mainstream media reporting on the campaign, always reporting your own viewpoint and not the actual facts or altering the facts. Did she say YES, I'M BANGING THE BODYGUARD or did you say it. She may be, but than again she may not be how do you know for sure. More proof please fine folks at TMZ

740 days ago


This woman really sends off my cheater-dar. It's something about the way she was forever going on and on about how WONDERFUL her marriage to Seal was, and then suddenly Seal is this nasty thug with a temper like a volcano. I bet she was going on like the sun shined out of Seal's butt to overcompensate for feeling guilty over her cheating. Then Seal found out and blew up, no wonder he was angry! Also, just after the split it seemed like Heidi was scrambling to preserve her reputation, something about her was all too smooth wheras Seal seemed more like the one who'd had his world rocked.

740 days ago


She was considered a pig when she went with a black man. And now she's still a pig for cheating on him while married. Who knows what else has been between her legs. White trash all the with money.

740 days ago

Paul Miller    

Pure euro-trash.

740 days ago
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