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Kris Humphries, Myla


9/12/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has been adamant ... he never dated Myla Sinanaj. Myla swore during her deposition in the Kim Kardashian divorce case ... she and Kris were just friends. Well guess which friends apparently spent the night together this week?

TMZ shot video of Kris and Myla leaving her house in Rutherford, New Jersey Tuesday. He was inside the house for several hours. And we're told ... Kris' car was parked outside the entire night Monday.

Remember ... during Myla's depo ... she testified she was never pregnant with Kris' baby (even though she told various people she was), and Kris never spoke a word to her about his divorce.

The question -- have Kris and Myla been hooking up all along, and did she tell the truth during her depo?

So we gotta ask ...

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TO: Celeb Gossip Addict who wrote:

"This guy is a serious weirdo. His actions make Kim look even more desperate. She had to notice his retardation early on. He should use that in the divorce."


I love it! Good one!
Kris Humphries should have his lawyers to tell the Judge "Kim knew I was an idiot long before she married me, so she doesn't deserve a divorce!"

People don't understand the significance of K.Hump being with Myla. K.Hump claims he can't give Kim a divorce because his religion doesn't allow him to get a divorce. Well, first off, his parents got divorced, and secondly if he doesn't want a divorce then what is he doing spending the night with other women.
For those of you who say they're just friends, get a life will you? Nobody's gonna play stupid for that fugly a$$ K.Hump. Woof!

748 days ago

Linda Petrou    

I don't know whether or not she is lying but I would tend to believe her over the self-promoting family who is willing to do anything for money including lie.

748 days ago


What is this guy's problem? She tells tales out-of-school and fakes a pregnancy, and he's STILL hitting it? He can't do better? I geuss everyone is right. Chris Humphries is as dumb as a box of rocks.

748 days ago


The marriage was a sham from the get go and like any fake green card marriage, they each dated other people while they were married.

748 days ago

BB not bb    

I wish Myla had some self esteem and wished to not be abused and played for a cheap whore by Kris. If you hold yourself in respect, you will attract someone who respects women. If you chase after every dog, you will only get bitten. He is more interested in his texts than in her. She was probably ordered to keep a safe distance behind him, as if that is fooling anyone.

He is dumb and mean and selfish. What more could you want in a man????

748 days ago


He must be buying her silence. I could have swore when the paps first followed her she drove a Nissan. I guess Kris upgraded her to a Benz.

748 days ago


I think this is very interesting! TMZ keep the stories coming. Kris is the one wanting to keep this going, NOT TMZ. These people LIED under oath, just to make themselves look better. Kris Humphries needs to STOP or keep a better eye out for the cameras! LOL

748 days ago


I don't know what Myla has to be embarrassed about. It's not like she was dating a Kardashian. If she was, it would reveal the true level of her stupidity.

748 days ago


How come the paps knew to go to her house! It looks like a set up to stay in the news just like the whole Kardash
family does everyday. MB

748 days ago


Maybe, just maybe he got tired of KK been on the news all of the time and created this on purpose!!!!why not he also has to stay in the news so that nobody forgets about the upcoming divorce. MB

748 days ago


2 nasty fame whores that deserve each other and the herpes.

748 days ago


What's happening with the divorce case? Last I heard the Ktrashians and West keep hiding from being subpoenaed for their depositions to be taken. The case cannot start without all depositions being taken first.
Hey Harvey, you're a lawyer....Y aren't you talking about this, ever?
The K's sure must have a lot to hide.

748 days ago


The poor guy is a moron. When I see someone with a mental handicap walking down the street I don't think badly of them if they do something dumb or strange, they can't help it. Kris is the same way.

748 days ago


Did Myla call TMZ? How convenient that they were camping out at her house and was able to shoot a video? Or did Kimmy plant some hidden cameras in Myla's yard.

748 days ago


Wonder how Myla's invasion of privacy lawsuit is coming on? Why is Kimmy leaving LA for 3 months? Isn't she going to get deposed?

748 days ago
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