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Matt Lauer

There is NO BEEF

With Al Roker

9/12/2012 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer does NOT believe Al Roker is trying to sabotage the "Today" show ... despite his crazy antics ... telling TMZ that any talk of a riff between Al and the show is nothing more than a "rumor."

Matt was on his way home from the gym in NYC yesterday when we asked about all of the drama with the "Today" show ... including the fact that rival "Good Morning America" has TAKEN OVER as ratings leader in the morning news war.

"We feel the heat every day," Lauer says ... "but we have for the last 20 years that I've been there."

"We're just trying to do the best show we can do every single day ... and I think we're doing a good job right now ... and I think the cycle will reverse."

As for Al Roker's pattern of bizarre behavior on the air since his good friend Ann Curry was fired from the show ... it's clear Lauer doesn't seem too concerned about the situation.


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Of course there's no beef, Al was making random jokes, not personal, and Ann was let go because she wasn't bringing the viewers/ratings/advertising dollars, not because of some conspiracy :D

749 days ago


Hasn't Matt figured it out yet... nobody believes him anymore... he's a L I A R !!!

749 days ago


I ONLY watch b/c of Matt. When Ann was on I changed the channel immediately. Her voice was nauseating. I think Samantha is great. (she should have however taken a screen last name, its hard on the tounge to say Guthrie). But now I change the channel WHEN Al is speaking. He is an obnoxious bore. :"heres whats happening in your neck of the woods is beyond overplayed. and whats with 20 minutes of national weather and updates, I have eyes! GMA is only good b/c its fresh and the chemistry is real and Diane Sawyer is my alll time favorite. Today Show needs to get rid of Al. Dont worry about all these negative comments Matt. Its the idiots who sit home all day and post on TMZ. The smart people in this country still Love you!

749 days ago

Rose chez    

Hmmm wonder why you are losing ratings. Tool much political preference to demos. Not interested

749 days ago


He hit him today too with the hair and nose joke

749 days ago


The reason the TODAY show sucks IS because of Matt Lauer.... He has become the most pompous ass on television. What happened to the nice guy who was on PM Magazine long before he was on the Today Show. He is an overpaid, overblown, ego maniac. I never watch the show any more.

749 days ago

Sean Kelly    

This whole Al Roker thing is a Harvey Levin invention. Al Roker has said and done stuff like this for as long as I have been watching him. let it go Harvey... you were wrong... just let it go.

749 days ago


The caps are intended




What a effing joke they are.

749 days ago


As I switched from the Today Show, to Good Morning America, after Ann Curry was treated so horribly, I wasn't aware of the disrespect given to those who were killed and wounded during 911. This is outrageous! Who in the heck is running this show? Or, should I say, who the heck is "ruining" this show?

749 days ago



749 days ago

really! really?    

Can't stand the sight of this guy. He looks like a small, pointed, penis. Attitude is everything Matt! Jerk...

749 days ago


I HAVE KEPT MY PROMISE NOT TO WATCH "TODAY." I did not know until, now, that NBC chose to disrespect our innocent, fallen, victims of 9/11 and whose families lives have changed forever, in favor of America's most hated mother who has already groomed her two remaining daughters to start milking the public for everything and anything they can get. Perhaps we Americans need to question the motives of the NBC chief honchos about their loyalty to our country. They have become multimillionaires through our dollars and perhaps we can withdraw our dollars just as easily and withdraw our support. Their disrespect for our country's disaster spells volumes. Something to think about.

749 days ago

Mother nature    

Matt is a moron...A legend in his own mind...PERIOD!

749 days ago


He's as unbearable as Bryant Gumball was.

749 days ago


Matt says they try to do the best they can everyday??? Are you serious MATT?? The Today show had on Kris Jenner talking about her BREAST IMPLANTS when the TODAY SHOW should of been doing the Moment Of Silence for the 9/11 victims and their families. So STUPID AND have that SELFISH SELF CENTERED FAME WHORE on. UGGG! Savannah should of said when the camera went to her the few seconds before she introduced Mrs. Jenner to the world, Savannah should of just looked into the camera and said, before I announce our next guest, I would llike to take a minute and have a M O S for the victims of 9/11. and then bow her head down for ONE MINUTE! What would they do? STOP HER??? They would of not done anything! She would of been hailed a hero! Savannah even if they fired you for it, the heat from the public would of gave the execs migranes 24/7!

749 days ago
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