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'Toddlers and Tiaras' Kid

My Dead Bunny

Deserves the Crown

9/12/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adorable "Toddlers and Tiaras" star Paisley Dickey suffered a devastating loss when her little pet bunny died -- and now the little fur ball's getting STUFFED for posterity. 

It's pretty sad ... 4-year-old Paisley -- who first made headlines for wearing the Julia Roberts​' "Pretty Woman" hooker outfit -- only had little "Bun Bun" for two weeks ... when he died of a heart attack.

Paisley's mom Wendy tells TMZ they tried to bury Bun Bun, but when Paisley refused to say goodbye ... they decided to take the taxidermy route -- and videotape the whole thing.

In the video ... Paisley and her parents hit up their local animal stuffer in Georgia, so Paisley can choose Bun Bun's eternal resting position -- inside one of her pink-jeweled tiaras.

In case you're wondering ... Wendy says Bun Bun suffered the cardiac arrest when a balloon-popped. She says they didn't realize pet bunnies commonly die that way.

RIP Bun Bun.


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These attention-seeking parents should be ashamed of themselves.

773 days ago


I got a pet bunny for my daughter and it lived 9 years! We trained her to do tricks, like jump through hoops and she was potty trained. They are great pets for kids, but you have do get a book and read up on how to care for them, first. Thats common sense! Yes, they are afraid of loud noises and it could kill them. If they read the book, they wold have known that. Duh. Animals are not toys just to be handed over to kids, the child needs to learn to respect the animal and to care for it properly. I hope they learned a lesson. Sadly, at the expense of Bun Bun.

773 days ago


wt is wrong with people???? dressing up kids like hookers and playing with dead pets.....america is a joke

773 days ago


She's no Honey Boo Boo! Give it up hooker wannabe!

773 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Ya a ballon popped. That's the story you are going with. How much child abuse must these kids go through until the state steps in. It maybe to late by then. Child abuse, animal cruelty, what's next? Over the counter Drug abuse?
Phishie from Philly

773 days ago


holy crap she had the bunny only two (2) weeks!

773 days ago


I'm sure you'll go right out and get another rabbit for your kid, and it too will die. And the cycle repeats itself. What's more important in your life? Having your child live a NORMAL childhood, or dressing her up like a 2 bit hooker so YOU can be "PROUD"??? Loser, POS. (By the way, camoflage and cheap pink sew ons, is SO last year and very white trash)

773 days ago


people with way too much time and money on their hands.... i can believe you guys actually posted this sh!t....

773 days ago


More ignorant parents giving in to any whim their child may want. Poor rabbit didn't stand a chance with people who refuse to educate themselves before getting a pet. 2 weeks and it died?!!!! Wow, doesn't say much for your parenting skills or pet ownership skills. People like this make me want to vomit all over the place.

773 days ago

Tammy Niles    

OMG really people? Yall are posting on here as though Wendy and Scott are horrible people. Well I hate to break yalls heart but they are the MOST SWEETEST people and they are loving parents and they take very good care of their children and provide very well for their children. I am so sick of seeing people bashing them when they are not what yall think they are. Maybe yall need to go take a look in the mirror and say oh yeah I am whit trash. Yall are all just jealous of the Dickies.... Love you Wendy and keep moving forward.....

773 days ago



773 days ago


People that watch this show or any like it really really need to get help. This is what our society is into now...the parade of little girls that look like little street walkers LITERALLY!! and the killing of animals. The parents need to be taken out behind the barn...
I see a career of porn and hooking in these little girls future....parents need their asses kicked!!

773 days ago


Rabbits are not easy pets to take care of. They may be small but they are high maintenance and easily stressed, and stress can kill rabbits like that. If she didn't know that, she shouldn't have had a rabbit. You don't just buy a pet without knowing anything about them, their care, health issues, etc. Then to have the pet stuffed? Seriously? Not only that... but to videotape it and give it to the media? What kind of attention Wh*res are these people? Teach your kid a lesson about being responsible and researching any pet you're about to bring into your home... then bury the pet respectfully and teach her that some things are not forever and she's going to need to learn to say goodbye. Like fame. her fame is going to go the second she gets pimples.

772 days ago



772 days ago


Just get a new ****ing rabbit

772 days ago
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