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Tyler Perry

White Cops Cleared After Racial Profiling Allegations

9/12/2012 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The two white Atlanta police officers who Tyler Perry accused of being racist have been exonerated following an internal investigation by the Atlanta PD -- but it was pretty much the cops' word against Perry's.

As we previously reported, Perry accused the two cops of racially profiling him during a "hostile" traffic stop earlier this year -- when they pulled Perry over in his $110,000 Porsche for making an illegal left turn.

Perry claimed he was eventually let go without receiving a ticket -- because a black officer showed up to the scene and informed the two white officers that Perry was famous.

According to docs released by the Atlanta PD, the officers claim they couldn't see the driver behind his tinted windows, so racially profiling Perry would have been impossible. 

The cops claim they believed Perry was driving a stolen car at the time -- because it matched a description of a stolen vehicle -- and that's the primary reason he was pulled over.

According to the report, there was no dashboard camera in either patrol car to back up the cops' testimony.

Following the investigation, an internal affairs officers stated, "I would submit the evidence shows the actions of both officers with the regard to the traffic stop of Mr. Perry were justified, lawful and proper."

A rep for Perry said the filmmaker is currently out of the country and cannot be reached for comment.


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a shame they didnt beat him to a pulp

769 days ago


I dont understand? I thought we could all make illegal left hand turns and get away with it? Yep sounds like racial profiling to me. Wait, will I get pulled over if I run a red light too?

769 days ago


It's funny that you are calling someone racist Tyler when all of your movies and tv shows consist of all black casts....

769 days ago


Tyler just like everyone else is not above the law, if he made a traffic mistake then by all means he needs a ticket just like Jack Doe does. Do you not watch E!

769 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah, letting him go because he's black and famous is so much more logical and ethical than pulling him over because he's black and broke a traffic law.

769 days ago


HA HA Tyler, you racist fu**.

769 days ago

Throwback kid    

Tell it to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Perry, I'm not buying your brand. These celebs think if the police don't ask them for an autograph they are being mistreated.

769 days ago


I'm glad it came out this way... I truly feel that Tyler is the racist person in this case....

769 days ago


I would of beat that niggger's head into a bloody pulp.

Typical niggger crying racism.

How about every time a niggger cries racism they get bashed upside the head?

I vote yes.

769 days ago


because he's famous he shouldnt get a ticket? Why?

769 days ago


they have way more stuff in this story that tmz is reporting. He made the illegal turn because cops were following him and he didnt know who they were so he made the turn to see who was following him at night

769 days ago


Does this mean that if I make an illegal turn and a black cop pulls me over, I am being racially profiled??? What if it is a mixed duo in the cop car? One black and one white?.. What if it's an American Native? OMG!!! What if it's a Jew?
Let's see now, I am a jew with a paternal great grandmother who was a Native American and, just to keep things interesting, there is an irishman in the pile a few generations back .
So how would you racially profile that? I'm getting mixed up here?

769 days ago

Just Me    

Tyler Perry should look up the defination of racist...he'd see his own picture!

769 days ago


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769 days ago


Since when is being pulled over for making an illegal left turn out of line?

"Perry claimed he was eventually let go without receiving a ticket -- because a black officer showed up to the scene and informed the two white officers that Perry was famous".

WTF? Oh, I forgot, famous people are not supposed to be given tickets. And.......when you don't get a ticket for making an illegal left turn because you are famous, you should then turn around and accuse the cops of racial profiling. That makes sense.

769 days ago
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