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Tyler Perry

White Cops Cleared After Racial Profiling Allegations

9/12/2012 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The two white Atlanta police officers who Tyler Perry accused of being racist have been exonerated following an internal investigation by the Atlanta PD -- but it was pretty much the cops' word against Perry's.

As we previously reported, Perry accused the two cops of racially profiling him during a "hostile" traffic stop earlier this year -- when they pulled Perry over in his $110,000 Porsche for making an illegal left turn.

Perry claimed he was eventually let go without receiving a ticket -- because a black officer showed up to the scene and informed the two white officers that Perry was famous.

According to docs released by the Atlanta PD, the officers claim they couldn't see the driver behind his tinted windows, so racially profiling Perry would have been impossible. 

The cops claim they believed Perry was driving a stolen car at the time -- because it matched a description of a stolen vehicle -- and that's the primary reason he was pulled over.

According to the report, there was no dashboard camera in either patrol car to back up the cops' testimony.

Following the investigation, an internal affairs officers stated, "I would submit the evidence shows the actions of both officers with the regard to the traffic stop of Mr. Perry were justified, lawful and proper."

A rep for Perry said the filmmaker is currently out of the country and cannot be reached for comment.


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Spoken like the truly white privileged who don't get 'pulled over once a week becuase you're driving a nice car' (Nick Cannon) I don't get pulled over once a week either but enough Black male celebs including a CNN anchor recently have spoken out on this to make me believe it. Not part of your experience people of white privilege.

735 days ago


It seems he was allowed to break the law without being punished because he is black, and he claims racism? Yes, there was racism, in his favor.

735 days ago


Blacks break the law. When they get caught, they cry racism. Waaaaa... I am allowed to break the law cause I am black. Whatever. When these true racist blacks get arrested and claim racism, that should be justification enough for a major ass beat down.

735 days ago


"officers claim they couldn't see the driver behind his tinted windows, so racially profiling Perry would have been impossible"

735 days ago


I beg everyone never to watch another Tyler perry production again, until he apologizes for accusing two white cops for being racists. Then afterbhe admits he lied, and that he is a true white hating racist, please don't see any of his productions anyway. Society has to punish these true racists !

735 days ago


The two cops should sue him for every cent he has for deformation ! All racist blacks that accuse whites are racists should be held responsible for what they say ! They need to be sued and hopefully jail time if they can't come up with the money !

735 days ago


muh dik

735 days ago


This act is getting tired! The racist card is old and over played. You people are the plague, and you bring nothing but crime and poverty our way. One day that will all change!

735 days ago


Anytime something happens to a black person it's racist but when the same thing happens to white people it's just life. Sounds like when the white cops didn't know who he was he got insulted. Sounds like he thinks if you're black and famous everything should be free.

735 days ago


How many police INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS have you know where cops were not found to be innocent? That's why it's called INTERNAL INVESTIGATION, verses an INVESTIGATION.

735 days ago


Rodney king was beat by white cops . Oj Simpson murdered two white people and got away with it. Americans aren't racist. We are corrupt and ignorant. We have the best judicial system in the world, but we aren't exempt from injustice. Petty offense such as this don't diserve media coverage. Perry was pulled over with just cause. In any other country he would have been given a penalty , and been harassed more. Further proof that simply being asked for ID in the USA Is not a big deal. In Europe, it is common for WHITE foreigners to show their passports to authority. Stories like this is why Europeans think Americans are petty idiots. As Americans we know we have the fairest judicial system in the world. So why are we regressing?

735 days ago


I don't hear the indians pulling the indian card or the jews pulling the jew card, or etc pulling the etc card...:(

734 days ago


this is BS!!!!!! I don't care WHO you are, if you make an illegal turn, or break any other traffic laws, then you deserve a ticket. TRAFFIC LAWS ARE COLOR BLIND TYLER PERRY, so stop playing the race card to get out of paying a $100 fine......LOSER!

734 days ago


You may need to read the primary reason for the stop,they stated that his car fit the description of a stolen Porsche, never said anything about them running the lisence plate to make sure,and not that I'm agreeing with the illegal turn but It was the reason they gave..

734 days ago


I made an illegal left turn and was pulled over by a cop. It was raining out so you couldn't see through my non-tinted windows. I'm white and the cop that pulled me over was white. I received a ticket for $270. I'm pretty sure I was racially profiled. I'm not famous, but the cop did ask for my autograph to sign the ticket.

734 days ago
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