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Amanda Bynes

Cops Scared to Death

She'll Kill Someone

9/13/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are alarmed by the pics we posted today showing Amanda Bynes behind the wheel and smoking what appears to be pot -- and several patrol officers tell us they're now on alert because they fear her driving habits have turned deadly.

The officers we spoke with -- who don't want to be named -- say the pics explain a lot about Amanda's alleged hit-and-runs. One cop with many years of experience as a patrol officer tells TMZ, "She's on the same road as my wife and kids and I'm scared about getting a call in the middle of the night that my little one is dead."

The cop added, "She's addicted to something and she's driving a deadly weapon and is going to kill someone. It scares the s**t out of me."

Another cop said, "The public should be afraid of her. From looking at the photos, and what she's smoking, she has no sense of reality.  If she's not stopped she's gonna kill someone."

Another said, "She is going down a road that she cannot come back from when she injures or kills someone. The photos don't surprise me at all."

A veteran motor cop says on a scale of 1 to 10 -- 10 being extremely dangerous -- Amanda is easily a 10.


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Tommy G.    

I would say Amanda B. Is a one when it comes to driving.Crazy L.A. Cops chasing someone at over one hundred miles a hour for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign and killing a family while going through a red light to give them a ticket +10.

738 days ago


And this is a perfect article on why pot should not be legalized. If one lady smoking dope while driving is considered dangerous, imagine almost an entire highway or expressway of these drivers. Oh, and by the way, if it is legalized, thnk about the truckers who might be using it also. So go ahead all you impaired judgement, pot smoking morons...legalize it.

738 days ago


why is she still out and not under house arrest or something? they didnt have a problem making Linsey Lohan, Paris Hilton or Khloe Kardashian pay for their mistakes, whats so special about her? I guess they are waiting for her to kill someone

737 days ago

David K    

Nice fake story TMZ--you think I would beleive an LA COP would actuallybe "Scared to Death" of her. Right....they are a little bust beating people..I dont
think they are SCARED of a little girl smoking some pot. What officer actuallysaid this--NAME PLEASE,. FAKE publicity story lol

737 days ago


Hey I live in Texas and I'm afraid of her being out there!

737 days ago


Another bull**** story! Go find something real to write about, and use some actual journalistic skills. This is scared to death....hahahaha

737 days ago


just headed to her daily choco sausage fest

737 days ago


Looks to me like she's eating a candy bar, not drugs

737 days ago


I don't understand.. she has multiple traffic offenses and shes been caught driving w/o a license twice now.. she should've been arrested already so why r u crying about it to TMZ?

735 days ago


You all should be ashamed of yourselves. That women has been through hell and back. People complain bout having to please there boss and parents, she has to please the whole world. Your expectations for her are so far fetched for any1 this is why people have nervous breakdowns,fake car accidents so they can live life off the map with and raise there child(princess diana),or why these people smoke weed. Talking to herself and answering back are serious shes not schizophrenia she is a human being that is overwhelmed and anxious talking to herself just helps her put all the expectations in order, and to practice what others think is probably why she answers herself. She is stupid to drive illegally but weed well weed is probably the only thing to control her add or adhd and anxiety. Im sorry from a medical view i prefer these actors n actresses to smoke all the weed they like just don't publicize it . i feel hell more safe is shes on weed then anything else. You all need to give this poor girl a break. Every1 is susceptible to having a nervous breakdown with that much stress. There is clearly some signs of needing some mental help and family should put her in a agreement that she will do out patient and some therapy groups till graduates,they should also take the freaken cars and put them where she can not get to them and forced to have a driver. You can kill someone if ur drinkin Amanda what the hell are u thinking and are u even thinking i know u got alot on your plate its understandable but let me tell u bout regret its not fun to live ur life with regret it eats at u and u my dear dont need to kill someone and that guilt n regret to overcome u. Think smart,meditate,breath techniques and do something u like everyday stay out of the clubs and bars go to a damn aa meeting n work the aa system u need it. Im not saying anything bad,im being a honest person been through some **** u could not imagine and hope u never experience. girl u are not a failure u accomplished so much in ur life to be proud of even if u quit it for now till strong noone will be mad at u and if they are there not worth your thoughts. Good luck and GodBless my prayers go out to u. I love what a girl wants its my fav movie!i also like shes the man,love wrecked i believe where u get lost on island wit the cutie,sydney white,big fat liar,living proof i want to rent ! See somewhere always there is someone loving u ,somewhere theres always someone looking up to u so try your hardest to make a comeback big and healthy comeback who knows maybe u can be a person who awares people of mental illness and do some movies with teens whom suffer. More and more these days every1 is suffering from mental illness in one form or another Everyone. There is no shame in mental illness but there is shame in not being strong enough in getting the help cause u cant live like u live anymore. Strong enough to ask for help ,learn coping skills cause mental illness never goes away but u can cope with it and do things on different levels to make a better u !

734 days ago


I'm having a hard time seeing that people are such crucial people. Yes she needs to be responsible for her own actions. One with mental illness doesn't view things they way you do. Most are in denial,families in denial or believes that going for help is bad cause makes the weak. Going for help makes u stronger. You can be strong and get help but realize everyone even with meds it never goes away u always will have to cope with it and everyday is different. Stop judging her and look in mirror. We live in america cause we like our freedoms and our rights. Well ,its her right to drink at age 21, its her right to take prescribed weed, it is her right to fair trial, it is her right to seek treatment when needed, it is her right to prove herself innocent and remember TMZ propaganda doesn't help this young lady yet makes matters worse.It is her right to be innocent til proven guilty. With proper evidence to prove her guilty these are our rights and without them alot of us would be guilty before trial. respect her privacy and help her seek help. Bartenders and liquior stores ban her. Friends and citizens dont go get her liquior,one person that gives in is just making her life that much closer to being wrecked and you all had taken part in possibly another life being victimized.

734 days ago


sounds like shes addicted to xanax

726 days ago


Who the F is

709 days ago
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