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Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse


For Knifing Consumers

9/13/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Martha Stewart
and Emeril Lagasse are accused of duping hungry consumers into buying bogus cooking knives ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Emeril Lagasse has been the pitchman for the cutlery, which he has been selling on the Home Shopping Network.  Martha Stewart's company -- Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -- owns Emeril's product line. 

The knives in question had the words "Solingen, Germany" emblazoned on the blade, leading consumers to believe the product was manufactured by the world-famous Solingen knife-makers. But according to the suit, the knives were cheap knock-offs made in China.

And this is funny.  The lawsuit highlights some crappy consumer reviews on HSN's website.  Por ejemplo:  "That is terrible when a top chef lies to you on TV ... Emeril cannot be trusted with what he advertises."  Another review says the knives "were rusting and were breaking in half."

The suit -- which seeks $2 mil in damages for each trademark infringement -- was filed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid, which owns the Solingen name.


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Cheap knives don't break in half, they bend out of shape. Just sayin'

738 days ago


There is no HONOR among thieves!! Emril your going down hill Brother!!!

738 days ago


Just goes to prove give these people a little fame and they think they are above the law. I refuse to buy anything because it has a celebrity name one it. They make enough money they don't need mine. As for Ms. Stewart I have never been impressed by her, I don't buy anything with her name on it, anything she sponsors or supports, I do not watch her programs or any program when they announce she will be on it. She proved she was a crook, as far as I'm dconcerned she still is, just hasn't been caught again... yet. As for Emeril, I enjoyed his show at first, but when he started getting carried away and acting like a clown, I stopped watching him. Being he is no longer on the Food Channel I guess a few other people stopped watching too. I am not impressed by the products I see with his name on them. I still watch some cooking shows that he appears on as a judge, but when he appears on the morning news or a talk show... I change the channel.

738 days ago


BAM! - Emiril you're busted. and "It's not a good thing" Martha.

738 days ago

Bea Trainer    

I have the knives and they are fine.

738 days ago


Why am I not surprised? Martha and Emeril working together to pull an "Apple" on us by peddling "trademark" knives from China on the Home Shopping Network. This is just pathetic and another example of how low people will stoop to make a fast buck. I'm happy that these two geniuses are now on the chopping block!

738 days ago


Martha Stewart is a nasty beetch who should still be in jail. I refuse to watch any show that has her on it. I will never buy anything with her name on it.
Too bad Emeril didn't use his own product line before becoming the spokesman.
I'm sure the **** will try to heap all blame on Emeril even though it was probably her company that made the deal with China.

738 days ago


They should sue martha Stewart and Paula Deen for breathing!

738 days ago


Martha Stewart has lost $1.7 Billon dollars in the last decade. Her company, once worth $2 billion, is now only worth $200 million. She still collects her $21 million dollar a year salary, and has an 87% stake. Currently being sued by JCPenny's & Macy's over a nasty contract dispute where she double dealt both companies. She thought she could get away with being a lying, conniving, liberal who belittled her mid-western housewives customers, and peed all over conservative women too. It's all coming home to roost for Martha. I've read in countless articles what total C word she is to work for, heartless, narcissistic, and mean. Happy to read she is AGAIN being sued.

738 days ago


I hope he sues Martha for giving him a "knock off product"! She's a liar and has been known to do anything for a buck. wow Martha, I'd rather hoped you had learned your lessons.. I guess some never will.

738 days ago


I'm not suprised. I know Emeril's pots and pans are crapola. My entire set has warped bottoms and won't cook evenly.

738 days ago


I only have one product in my house with a famous name on it and it's my George Foreman Grill. I've had that for five years, best investment I ever made. Too bad these two couldn't back a legitimate product.

738 days ago


They should sue Martha Stewart and Paula Deen for breathing.

738 days ago


China is the worst parasite swamp of this globe. They're faking brands and products, violating trademarks and patents, whatever, just to make cheap bucks which they then lend back to the countries they're ripping off. And we're holding still just because we don't want to mess with a autocratic government that's controlling such a big market.

**** those pigs.

738 days ago


If you like cooking, having a really good set of knives makes it so much more pleasurable - splurge for Henckel's or Wusthov. Made in Germany.

738 days ago
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