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'Notebook' Director Says

Cool for a Man

to Love a Sister

9/13/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Notebook' director Nick Cassavetes' comment that incest is okay could open the door ... to some long-delayed (and totally made up) Hollywood projects. Roll 'em!

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No Avatar



New Low.

768 days ago


I see it now, incest,,, a game the whole family can play! its the next biggest thing after honey boo boo! get on this TMZ!

768 days ago


lol funny..tmz blasts people who speaks out against gays. they support gays.but think this is nasty.typical gay butt ****ing a man is normal and natural but bro and sis is just plain out nasty.both are nasty.but dont say one is cool while the other isnt makes you look stupid

768 days ago

Jay W.     

SShhhhh sis... mom is still awake.

768 days ago


Incest is NEVER okay, and if they dare use this theme, many audiences will be lost!

768 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Incest is not the same as gay and should never be compared. I can understand someone being gay and support it but no way in the world can I understand incest.
The real Phishie from Philly

767 days ago


The sickness that is liberalism is alive and well. No right or wrong. No good or bad. Moral equivalency across the board.

White guilt might get you movie roles, street parking in Beverly Hills or invites to meet with Obama, but it makes the rest of the country think you're an ignorant, condescending elitist *******.

767 days ago


OK-this is not the ancient times where incest was super common, especially in royal families to keep the blood pure. This is the 21st century with plenty of fish out there (too many) and that is seen as disgusting, vile, and repugnant! Will not spend a red cent on this filth.

767 days ago

Magpie Pair    

Okay, what the hell is wrong with all the commenters?

I hate the Notebook. I don't like the guy who made it. But not for this.

What's wrong with incest, exactly? As long as you're not creating genetically deformed children, should we condemn someone for happening to fall for someone who is related to them?

No one makes the choice who they love. I don't condone irresponsibly having children, but I don't see who we are to say no if two consenting adults are in love with each other. To me, supporting gay rights but not incestuous couple rights is hypocritical.

By the way, I am a conservative. But I think it's ****ed up that society thinks it can dictate who we fall in love with or can make us feel like bad people for our feelings.

767 days ago


Wow. The slippery slope DOES have a bottom.

767 days ago


Incest is fine as long as it is between adults and is consensual. Stop wanting to tell people what to do with their lives. At least that's what I think. Don't say it's the same as pedophilia, please don't.

767 days ago

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