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Amanda Bynes


While Still Driving Illegally

9/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

091412_amanda_bynes_launchAmanda Bynes came one step closer to disaster Thursday night when she was driving around West Hollywood -- on a suspended license -- and got into an accident ... though, luckily, it was minor.

Amanda was driving her black BMW 5-series out of a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard around 10:30 PM when she tapped the bumper of a white car in front of her, leaving little or no damage.

0914-amanda-bynes-tmz-3Amanda was attempting to cover her face when she love-tapped the other vehicle -- and both drivers left without exchanging information on the scene. In fairness to Amanda, some of the photogs were very close ... training bright lights on her face.

It's unclear if the other driver reported the fender bender to cops, but it's a damn good bet Amanda and her suspended license did NOT.

TMZ published photos of Amanda smoking a marijuana pipe during a day of aimless driving around the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday.

Those pics and Amanda's recent driving record -- DUI arrest, multiple hit-and-run allegations -- have several cops worried she's going to kill someone on the road.


No Avatar


Another accident? She needs to be locked up, before she kills someone!!! WTF is wrong with this she bipolar????

738 days ago


TMZ - Please save someone from getting injured or killed by this druggie & drunken Amanda. Mandate your photogs to report her to police when they witness her breaking the law, weaving out of her lane or not keeping her eyes on the road.

738 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

You sure are up her ass these days TMZ. If she does hit someone I pray she runs over Kim K twice, then takes Lindsay out when she puts it in reverse. What I don't understand is how TMZ knows this and the law doesn't? Are you wagging the dog so we don't see what your beloved Kim is up to?

738 days ago

Sapphire Sparks    

Get this f-ing Lohan wannabe off of the roads! What will it take?! A fatality crash!? What a waste. Used to be such a big fan of hers. Now she just makes me sick with her recklessness.

738 days ago


No wonder she bumped that car. You torture her and follow her around to the point that she can't even drive without a camera in her face.

738 days ago


they will put her in rehab, on probation and let her go down like Li LO and then try to still keep her out of jail. Amanda does not think she is doing anything wrong and the problem is that your DL is not a right it is a privilege. If she does kill someone, well the insurance will pay dearly and she will do a week in county.

737 days ago

Mystery Guest    

WTF is WRONG with this girl?

737 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

The part I can't get over is that not only are people standing around watching and photographing these incidents happen, but that the freaking police are fully AWARE and WORRIED!!!!
Are you kidding me?!?!? Do something about it. There is plenty of photographic evidence to proof that she is breaking the law.

737 days ago


If anyone sees her driving around, call the cops! So simple!

737 days ago


when are the police gonna lock this train wreck up? When she finally kills somebody? if any normal citizen would do this they would have the book thrown at them. y is it that celebrities are not held to the same standards as every other citizen in this country?

737 days ago


When are the cops going to do their jobs and get this damn train wreck off the road before she ends up killing someone? I use to be a fan of hers but NO MORE! Amanda get fricken help because u r losing alot of fans with ur actions and soon u won't have any when u end up in prison for killing someone! Y aren't celebrities held to the same standards as us common folk? if that were me having such stupid attacks I would of been behind bars already. Get with it LA Police and protect ur citizens from this train wreck!

737 days ago

all about the money    

Don't think the police can just see her driving and pull her over even if she does have a suspended license. They would need cause to stop her like speeding, no turn signal, running a red light etc and during that stop can nail her for driving on a suspended license. She is not "wanted" for arrest warrants. To pull her over on sight because of TMZ pics would be about the same as a police officer pulling you over because his friend told him you were late paying your insurance. Officer has no proof other than word of mouth you don't have insurance but as long as you break no laws to get pulled over who's to know? Think its a legal mess...they can't spot her and openly follow her all night hoping she slips up because then it could be harassment. They can't pull her over on sight without probable cause. Sure the press has made it known she is suspended but you think the police are told every person who has a suspended license? Basically the police have to wait till she screws up then they can nail her. Just got to hope that screw up doesn't take out a family out for a evening walk. I support Amanda but she is walking a tight rope. She knows she is suspended. She knows paps are all over her now taking pics of her driving and doing other things yet she continues to do it. She is accident prone and with all the paps chasing after her hoping for the big score it all makes things a lot more dangerous that something will happen. She either doesn't care or thinks she is above the law and flaunting it. Eventually she will mess up just got to hope no one is hurt when she does.

737 days ago


those photographers are as big of a threat of causing serious injury to somebody as Amanda's driving.

737 days ago


wtf is her problem ...seriously!!?!?! STILL DRIVING on suspended license and STILL cant drive properly. WTF....just WTF!?!?!?

737 days ago


if this all true, and video evidence showing her driving around, why haven't the police arrested her?

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the LAPD and county will have tremendous liability here if they ignore the situation and then she hurts or kills someone.

737 days ago
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