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Amanda Bynes


While Still Driving Illegally

9/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

091412_amanda_bynes_launchAmanda Bynes came one step closer to disaster Thursday night when she was driving around West Hollywood -- on a suspended license -- and got into an accident ... though, luckily, it was minor.

Amanda was driving her black BMW 5-series out of a parking lot on Sunset Boulevard around 10:30 PM when she tapped the bumper of a white car in front of her, leaving little or no damage.

0914-amanda-bynes-tmz-3Amanda was attempting to cover her face when she love-tapped the other vehicle -- and both drivers left without exchanging information on the scene. In fairness to Amanda, some of the photogs were very close ... training bright lights on her face.

It's unclear if the other driver reported the fender bender to cops, but it's a damn good bet Amanda and her suspended license did NOT.

TMZ published photos of Amanda smoking a marijuana pipe during a day of aimless driving around the San Fernando Valley on Tuesday.

Those pics and Amanda's recent driving record -- DUI arrest, multiple hit-and-run allegations -- have several cops worried she's going to kill someone on the road.


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Diamond Goddess!    

The BEST thing you guys can do is stay ON her like this!!! We need all this proof to get this head-case OFF the roads.
Menace2Society, much?
"Nuff said!

772 days ago


Haven't you seen Seinfeld? Don't you know about the Good Samaritan Law? Are you phoning the police when you see her, since you know she is commiting criminal offences? Should you be arrested for failing to report? I think so, yes. Imagine if somebody died because TMZ was too busy getting the shots, to care about having this wild animal apprehended.

772 days ago


What's happened to Kooky the Klown?,
and Simone the First!!!!!

772 days ago


Is she truly this arrogant and stupid or is she Bi-polar? The fact that she would drive like this, knowing she may go to jail for YEARS tells me she just HAS to be Bi-polar and in her manic phase. She needs help.

772 days ago


If Harvey is so concerned about getting Amanda Bynes off the street why doesn't Harvey instruct his camera people if they see her driving call the police?

772 days ago


This chick neeeds to have some driving lessons.
Did she get her licence out of a cereal box? she also needs to abstain from the ganja whilst driving, some people just can't handle it.

772 days ago


Hey TMZ, why do you keep posting the same story every day? Oh wait.....

772 days ago


Omg this Betch is crazy! Like I am serious dying ha how could she top Lindz like this. I'm happy no one has been injured but she has to be mental because her ass is gonna go to jail. What 5 or 6 crashes in less the 2 months? She wants to get caught and loves the attention.

772 days ago


How come she's still driving? Doesn't she have any family member who can call police when she takes off in her car? She won't stop till she kills some innocent person.

Did she finally get her car washed? Hopefully she emptied the garbage & had it vacuumed.

772 days ago


So Amanda decided to drive with a suspended license and get in an accident a couple weeks ago. Why do you have to keep bringing it up every other day? Oh right.... because it keeps happening every other day.

772 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    


You're not gonna get lucky like Lohan, Amanda. Stop while youre at it.

772 days ago

Bitch please    

And if course she wont go to jail right??

772 days ago


TMZ you really have to call the cops instead of just taking pictures if she does have an accident and you have seen her in whatever state then you will at least morally be responsible. The police need to do something there is evidence as clear as day of her driving and smoking something when she shouldn't be. Someone is going to get killed and it seems to be race between Amanda and Lindsay to who is going to destroy their or someone else's life the most.

772 days ago


It's funny how a TMZ camerman always seems to be there and no other media outlet. You would think they would call the cops and get footage of her getting caught which would be more worthwhile and interesting. I'm starting to think you guys are setting these photos up yourselves?

772 days ago


Everyone should contact LAPD, either via phone or via the web until they arrest her a$$ and put her in jail. If this was one of us regular folks trolling around LA smoking some kind of drugs and driving on a suspended license, we would have been put in jail already! Get this dead-beat off the road!!

772 days ago
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