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Kate Middleton


Over Topless Pics

9/14/2012 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kate Middleton and Prince William have declared war on the French magazine that published naked photos of the future Queen of England -- filing a lawsuit today against the publication.

A rep for St. James's Palace released a statement saying that "legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France" by the royal couple.

So far, it's unclear what relief they are seeking.

As we reported, the family had threatened legal action over the topless photos published today by France's Closer magazine, showing a topless Kate on vacation with Prince William recently.

Now, they've made good on their word.

Moments after the pic went public, the Royal Family issued a statement, claiming, "Their royal highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner."

For the magazine's part -- Closer's editor Laurence Pieau has spoken out, calling the media "hypocritical" for condemning her decision to run the pictures.

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No Avatar


Well maybe you shouldn't have gone topless!

712 days ago


I think everyone, including the Royals, have a right to privacy at some point. They give of themselves publicly their whole lives---show some respect and let this young couple just have an ounce of privacy. The press has become entirely too intrusive and aggressive. To me, it isn't about what body parts are showing, just let them have privacy. And to those that hope they get to see this crap on the internet---that's like high school talk. Grow up.

712 days ago


Again-- here is a history lesson--please learn people!

There is no English Kingdom. The Scottish and English kingdoms ceased to exist in 1707, when the Act of Union formed the UNITED KINGDOM.

Catherine will be QUEEN CONSORT, wife of the reigning king. The current queen is Elizabeth II who is a REGNANT, the reigning monarch. Her husband is a prince, duke and consort, CONSORT being the term for the spouse of the monarch.

Catherine's PROPER titles and styles are HRH, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus, the Princess William of Wales. Catherine is only royal through marriage, assuming her titles through her husband. Only females born or bestowed a princess in their own rights may use the title of princess before their given names.
There is no such person as "Princess Kate." There is an HRH, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus, the Princess William of Wales.

712 days ago


This story just proves that privacy is a thing of the past not only for public figures but for all of us. it brings new meaning to the term big brother. so to all those who think this is okay, is it okay if its you in your back yard?

712 days ago

I Was About To Say    

She KNOWS paparazzi are always lurking, then she takes off her top, they snap pics and post them and she gets mad?? Who's the fool.

712 days ago


Good for them! Sue! It's not about the money. It's about the principal. Little boobs, big boobs, Royalty, non-Royalty it doesn't matter. Their privacy was invaded. The law was broken. I hope they get 10x's more from the magazine than what the magazine paid for the photos (then donate it to charity) The lawsuit is about Principal and I'm glad they are taking this stance.

712 days ago


The royals are mad at the paparazzi. They claim they are responsible for Diana's death. Now their mad at the paparazzi for the pictures.they claim their heading down the same path that led to Diana's death. Diana was a Princess, Kate soon to be. Both wanted to be portrayed as squeaky clean and both were and are not. Being a royal, Kate should know better than to take her top off anywhere that she could be Photo graph. This is a slutty move by a soon to be princess. Diana was out with a no good international playboy when she died. This was a slutty move by a princess. Instead of crying about the paparazzi, just stop being royal sluts!

712 days ago


Hey kate KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON! That might help.

P.S.- Screw the Royal family! They are useless leaches who do nothing but steal from the people of the U.K. They are just thieves from a long line of thieves.

712 days ago


What...are the royals streakers...a grandson, a grandpa and a granddaughter in-law....hmmmm

712 days ago


When they are on a private gaurded estate, there are many grounds on a legal case. Not to mention the defamation they can claim. alot of people dont seem to know that defamation does not just mean spoken but also through images. NOT to mention they are dignitaries, i dont think as americans we would be happy with a foreign magazine publishing naked pictures of our president.

712 days ago


I understand some people do not see breast as a big deal. But not every woman wants their breast photographed. That is an invasion of privacy.

I do not like the royals but that magazine crossed the line. Kate was on a private estate so the whole public arguement goes out the window.

712 days ago

I won't grow up    

These two should understand they have no privacy. They are targets of the poparazzi 24/7, it is unfortunate but true. If you wanna whip out the girls and wave 'em around do it behind closed doors.
Yes, the photogs are s***, they killed Diana. These kids have a lot to learn about being in the royal family, the queen understands that their lives are not their own. Duty to country above all.

712 days ago


What's the fuss about gezzzz, Kate show us your growler instead.

712 days ago


Hope she wins and teaches the magazine a lesson - she was on private property and should be afforded privacy - would Laurence want someone poking their long camera in her private life?

712 days ago


Did Harry sue? Kate, did you really have to be topless on a balcony? Was it that hot?

712 days ago
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