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Dina Lohan

I Was NOT Drunk

During 'Dr. Phil' Interview

9/14/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan tells TMZ ... she had NOT BEEN DRINKING before her interview with Dr. Phil ... and blames the editing for making her appear intoxicated.

The interview -- set to air on Monday -- was taped several months ago ... and a new promo for the episode features a seemingly confused Dina acting bizarre .. and many people suspect she was blitzed.

In fact, the promo features a clip in which Dina's ex-hubby Michael Lohan asks Phil if Dina had been drinking before the interview.

But Dina is adamant she was sober ... telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

She continues, "All people saw was two minutes edited of an hour long interview. Of course they cut it to make it interesting. That’s their job . I don’t blame them for doing that. Some of the comments were taken out of context but I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Dina tells us the public shouldn't judge her until they see the full interview -- insisting she's a "good mom" who's always been there for her 4 kids, including her oldest daughter Lindsay Lohan.

"I think the interview will be good. I know what I said and the facts are what the facts are. The proof is in the facts. The truth will set you free”


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Oh Red're still drunk, aren't you? Or has the killed brain cells from your drinking affected your reading comprehension?

The last movie she worked in, with anyone of notoriety was in Machete, which was in 2010. From every critics review I've read, Lindsay did nothing but play herself. There was no acting involved, and it was a very small role. Prior to that her last role was in 2007. TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN!!! That was the last time she actually acted on the big screen in a role that was of any substance.

In between all that, she had the gem Labor Pains. A giant flop of a movie that she couldn't carry herself.

746 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I smell some really bad anal leakage. HELL(p) must be around.
You know HELL(p) we all tried to warn you about keeping that Ben Gay slathered butt plug up your azz for days on end, but would you listen to us?
Now our little outpost on TMZ smells like rank linement and Canker Azz. Thanks a lot.
Paging RED RECTUM, cleanup on aisle Lilolicious!!!!!!

746 days ago

help this young woman    


damn you are a no fly early huh?
flying over the truth little boy!

746 days ago

help this young woman    

I forgot to tell you Milo on TMZ live talked about Lindsay's house in LA!!!

746 days ago


the Bowery just reported a grand theft charge...wonder who it is

746 days ago


Red Cramp, have you ever tried PCP or sugar?
yes or no question

746 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh look, it keeps changing from Red Crud to Hell(p), back to Red Crud, back to Hell(p), as if it thinks it's actually fooling anyone.

And then it accuses us of not having a life. What a sad sack it is.

746 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Maddy got me on the kick of find something more appropriate than Lilolicious. So here goes:
LiloAvariscous – LiloDeadFishcus - LiloInjudicious – LiloSkankalicious – LiloHibiscus – LiloInfectus - LiloNarciscous

746 days ago

help this young woman    

Love, Marilyn – Liz Garbus, USA World Premiere
Nearly 50 years after her death, two boxes of Marilyn Monroe’s private writings and musings were discovered in the home of her acting coach. These papers, brought to life in this innovative do***entary film by some of our contemporary icons and stars, give us a new understanding of Monroe — revealing her carefully guarded inner life. Featuring Elizabeth Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Foster, Uma Thurman, Paul Giamatti, Viola Davis, Jeremy Piven, Ellen Burstyn, Adrien Brody, Marisa Tomei and Glenn Close.
Another film Lindsay was involved in!
Lindsay has been in 5 movies over past year!

746 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> Damn it man, will you at least go outside and irrigate your azz with the garden hose? That canker butt of yours is just overpowering.
> We tried to warn you about the Ben Gay/Butt Plug thing, but you didn't listen. The least you could do now is hose yourself down.
> Have you thought about a power washer?
I didn't want to have this buried as a sub-comment to an azzhole. I thought it deserved a number all it's own.

746 days ago


If reading a couple of letters on a do***entary is being a star then Hell I've been a "Star " for a couple of dam things done for PBS.....I was just listed as a live long resident and neice of ... or a Appaclachion woman...but it was my voice....they had running behind those scenes.. so it don't count......Cause then movies would be all credits and three hours long because the producers would have to list every person in the movie and in a crowded scene in the city would turn into a disaster..

Like watch a ball game and panning the crowd and picking up the "go bulls" or " running the other way fool" from people in the crowd and having to give them credit for being on the screen and listing them as stars...ain't goina happen...
Her total work in film this year is less the 6 weeks counting everything she has done...
6 weeks work out of 9mos so far...hell she hasn't work enough to even qualify for unemployemnt....

746 days ago


To borrow from JC. DEAR GAWD just like I said, waving shiny things under the crows beak to deflect, lie, and do the same old song and dance. Attacking people because that whorish family are so fvcked up. Called that one, didn't I?

746 days ago


Tell us about your accomplishments Shemp, so we can understand why you would brag about a total world class loser.

746 days ago

help this young woman    

Just like I said the tabloid stories from Milo are starting to flow out. ROL today. Once Dr. Phil is on Monday, TMZ will have a bunch of playgrounds from Milo.

746 days ago


Well, well, well, isn't this RICH, coming from this unemployed LOSER!

"If Dina would stop with her lies and delusions of appearing on Dancing with the Stars, her Drama Moma show, and producing a movie for my son Michael, maybe she get some help and be a mother then GET A REAL JOB," Michael tells exclusively.

746 days ago
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