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Honey Boo Boo's Dad

On Crutches

After 4-Wheeler Accident

9/14/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
Exclusive Details

0914_sugar_bear_honey_booboo_SplashHoney Boo Boo's papa Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson got himself a boo boo of his own yesterday... busting up his foot in a freak "mud boggin'" accident ... TMZ has learned.

For you city folk out there -- "mud boggin'" is basically when you take an off-road vehicle and race it through the mud. It's pretty awesome ... in a redneck sorta way.

Sugar Bear was boggin' his ATV at the time of the accident -- it's unclear if Sugar Bear broke any bones in the wreck ... but he was spotted rockin' a fresh pair of crutches outside of his Georgia home yesterday.

BTW -- nice pants.

Of course, an accident was bound to happen -- Sugar Bear and his buddies get up to some pretty insane ATV shenanigans ... just check this clip.



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arale norimaki    

are "Sugar Bear" and June brother and sister?

is suger bear honey boo boo child farther and uncle

740 days ago

Carry J    

Guess they never heard of helmets. When he suffers a head injury he'll change his mind.

740 days ago


The whole family, the tv show, people who watch the show, and yes, America just for allowing the concept to enter mainstream, are road kill.

740 days ago


love the Honey Boo Boo family. They are no worse then the people bashing their parenting skill that dump their kids at day cares for 12 hours ,feed them brat meals at Mcdonalds, and spend no time with the kids.All for a fancy car or house. ..

740 days ago

ScottP in Bwk    

What a waste of humanity! "Honey Boo Boo" is being used by her "mother" to make a dollar. I live in SE Georgia and know quite a few "rednecks" and I have to tell you that this bunch brings new meaning to the term "redneck" all because of the mighty dollar and their "Boo Boo"! I hope DFCS gets involved!

740 days ago


Love this show, love this family, love all their craziness! I'd rather watch them than 99% of other shows on today. Not an ounce of pretentiousness among them, which makes it rather refreshing. Nobody is competing for someone else's affection, there's no drama because their new Bentley didn't arrive on time... they're just a bunch of normal people who don't have the greatest hygiene that seem to have a genuinely good time together. If you don't like them, there are plenty of other stupid shows that you elitists can watch. Someone has to pay for the next Kardashian augmentation...

740 days ago


The scary thing is that they are allowed to vote. This is how $arah and Bachmann get into office. Complete ignorance and it damages America

740 days ago


I are an edumacated Amercan who are now a big holiwood star

740 days ago

She's baaaack    

With no offense meant to anyone with Down syndrome, he sure looks like he has that affliction in these pictures.

739 days ago


How on earth did they manage to have a child together? Their names should be Mr. and Mrs. Birth Control. If you don't agree with me, just try picturing both of them naked, sweaty and writhing around in your bed with you the next time you are having sex.

739 days ago


His wife outweighs his just slightly, ID say by 400 pounds.

739 days ago


What s*** they all are. And TV glorifies it. Surprised Welfare bought him a quad in the first place.

739 days ago


I actually think Honey Boo Boo is kind of cute and smarter than the rest of the family - to bad she'll most likely end up like her 400lb famewhoring monstrocity of a mother.

739 days ago


What nationality is "Boo Boo"?

739 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Fat Boo Boo is a prom night dumpster baby

I got no mam or dad

Prom night dumpster baby

My story isn’t long but boy its awfully sad

Although I came from a hole

(Although I came from a hole)

I’m singin right from the soul

(I’m singin right from the soul)

My fanny needs a blanket

And somebody to spank it

I miss my mam

But she’s at the prom

So I’m prom night dumpster baby

Prom night dumpster baby

and I’m takin a stroll

(She’s taking a stroll)

Boo Boo is takin a stroll

(She’s taking a stroll)

I’m takin a stroll

(She's taking a stroll)

hahaha I’m takin a stroll

(She's taking a stroll)

I’m takin a stroll

739 days ago
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