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Kate Middleton


For Halle Berry

9/14/2012 4:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry may be collateral damage in the publication of the Kate Middleton topless photos ... TMZ has learned.

Halle's lawyer has been trying to convince the judge in her custody battle with Gabriel Aubry ... Nahla is better off living in France with her mom because the paparazzi are more gentle and respectful of celebs.

Gabriel's lawyer had only one real piece of ammo to counter Halle's claim -- the paparazzi chasing Princess Diana to her death.  But that happened 15 years ago.  Now Gabriel's lawyers have new firepower -- the pics taken of Kate Middleton were by an intrusive photog who we're told used a telephoto lens to capture intimate shots of her on a secluded balcony.

We're told Gabriel's lawyer is aware of the new Kate photos and it's almost certain he'll raise the issue when the trial resumes.

Here's the reality ... Halle has a right to move to France, and the judge will ultimately base his decision on what will be in the best interests of Nahla.  Since Halle has had primary physical custody since her daughter's birth, she has a huge advantage in the case.


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Sarah Ferguson's toe sucking scandal also occurred in Southern France. France rags
love their scandals and disregard privacy.

775 days ago


Go look at what people said about Tameka Ushers Ex Wife and then look at what you all say about this moocher who wants to appear to be a loving father because he desperately dosn't want to lose his male ticket. You people wake up the man is a loser. What is it? Is it because he is white that you take his side? I just don't get it. He is not even good looking either nut even if he was it dosn't make sense the way you loser stand up for this piece of ****. You call Tameka a lazy gold digger that dosn't want to work & is using her kids for money what do you think this man is doing idiots?

775 days ago


Look at the way you treat Tameka and they were married. Halle and stuck up prissy ex gold digger were not even married and she has main custody so he shouldn't have ever got any money. He must have gotten a good lawyer with Halle's money. Maybe he got Lohan's lawyer and a retarded judge? Saying he need 20,000 dollars in child support for "Nalha" a damn toddler does not need 20,000 a month that's for his lazy mooching ass. It's disgusting how he will use his child to try to get money instead of working and earning it himself. He should be embarrassed when she grows up she is going to find out he is a loser that just mooched off of and used her mother. Pathetic Disgusting Pig is what he is and you all are just as disgusting and pathetic dumbass to stand up for that ****. idiots

775 days ago


As the Scooby would say Ruh Roh Miss Halle

775 days ago


IF she truly loves her daughter why wouldn't she want her to have her father nearby, especially since she is professionally successful enough to come and go as she pleases. I think she just wants the little girl to forget about her loving dad. So mean and honestly shows a dark side to Halle Berry.

I read somewhere she freaks out when people say her daughter isn't half black. Technically the kid is 25% black and the rest white.

775 days ago


This isn't about Nahla or Aubrey, its about what's between Halle's legs. plain and simple. Some women put their man above what is morally right.

775 days ago


Look what happened to Kim Kardashian after she lost her father.

775 days ago


Kate Middleton is not a problem for Halle Berry. It's not the adults that are protected by French law. It's the kids. Why do you suppose Brad and Angelina live there? The only time their kids are photographed is when they are elsewhere. In France, they get to be kids, unlike Suri who is hounded at every turn. I still say paparazzi should be banned. They are a renegade bunch of outlaws who use cameras instead of guns. No less dangerous, just more mercenary. Stop the insanity where it starts. Leave our kids alone.

775 days ago


No offense, but there's no Kate Middleton. There's Duchess Catherine and even though she was a commoner, she's a HRH now and there's a big difference.

775 days ago


Good for you Halle Berry. You ad you daughter run frm this crazy country.

775 days ago


Good for you Halle Berry & your daughter run from this crazy country.

775 days ago


Good for you Halle Berry. You and you daughter run from this crazy country. The father is a gold digging douche bag.

775 days ago

Irish Rover    

how come any other person has to go to court and get permission and usually get denied out of the country moving but these low life stars its ok? i would love to see all the truth come out about her (DWI`s?) hit and runs she got away with..amanda bynes will do no time because she will show bias for people like halle and liho!

775 days ago

D from Omaha USA...    

Sadly, Halle does not go outside on balconies naked. Unlike Princess Kate, who exercises Royal privilege by sunbathing nude, then bringing lawsuits to those who photograph it.

There are a lot of pretty women in my own neighborhood, with private balconies. I don't think any of them are sunbathing nude.

What is wrong with the Royal family?

775 days ago


If I were the father (Gabriel Aubry) there is no way I'd allow my child to be taken to France...can you imagine the paps taking topless photo's of your kid...totally creepy. She'd be in kiddie porn!

773 days ago
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