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Michael Lohan

Dina is Lying

... She Was WASTED

9/14/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is calling FULL B.S. on his ex-wife Dina Lohan ... claiming he's convinced she was drunk off her ass during her interview with Dr. Phil.

Michael actually participated in the Dr. Phil interview -- which was taped a few months ago -- and says it was obvious at the time, Dina was intoxicated ... and it was only 10 AM.

"I think when everyone sees the interview, they're gonna know she's not sober," Lohan tells us.

Michael says Dina needs to clean herself up ... if not for herself, for the sake of her children ... including Lindsay.

For her part, Dina claims she was totally sober during the interview ... and thinks the public should withhold judgement until the full interview airs on Monday.

Mike says Dina's condition was also obvious to Dr. Phil -- "You're not gonna pull the wool over that man's eyes ... he's a trained professional."


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He's no Saint, but he's absolutely correct. She was SO wasted it's not even funny.
Though I think it's more likely she was on something like Xanax and/or Valium/other pills.

740 days ago


I'm so glad he could take time away from John Gosselin's sloppy seconds to do this interview for TMZ! Tell us again how your dad of the year when you don't pay your child support?

740 days ago


Aliana ‏@aliana
Happy BIrthday momma🎈🎉💝🎂😘 a day ahead,but I cannot wait to squeeeeze you in 10 days!!!!
frankenALI is back in 10 Days..but she is unrecognizable due to all the weight she has lost.

740 days ago


“Welcome o our show. Thanks for stopping by. We’re so honored to have you on ”.

“Great to be here, Dr. Phil. We’re always so busy with deals and scripts and branding. I’m a single Mom… you’d think I never sleep”.

“So tell us, DUIna - Did you smash a champagne glass when you found that Linds can‘t squirm her way out this time and that the gravy train is over? Everyone‘s laughing. You‘re gonna be homeless!! Doesn‘t that ROCK?!”

“What?!!! What is this?!!!”

“It’s an interview. Where do you think you are? Broadway? This is the Dr. Phil Show. Oh yeah, right…. Broadway. You lied about Broadway, right? Rockette? Huh?”

“This interview is OVER!!!!!”

“Great! Now we don't have to pay you. Breach of contract. One million!! Got any more lies, DUIna? Maybe a “parting lie” …. You know - one for the road”?

“You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!!!!!”

NBC stock will immediately multiply exponentially in value. Miss Cleo is never wrong.

740 days ago


don't know if she was drunk or not but not sure how he could say it was obvious at the time when he wasn't even on set. his part was on satellite feed.

oh and i guess it's safe to say, none of the kids are talking to him again since he usually does his attacks when they cut him out.

740 days ago


Wow ! just Wow ! look at the Tag Team work Lohan Inc has working. Dina to the corner and Micheal tags in....You would think they had done this before !!! BhaAABABABABABABABABABBha !!!!
Of course they have....Work it Lohan Inc Work that media...keep the money comong in and destract from Lindsays latest fuIk up !!!
You People make me sick....same thing over and over and over and over again the pattern never changes....and TMZ will add and abed you as long as the hits keep coming in .
Ok next move.....

740 days ago


Actually.......who cares? They both are horrible parents and we wonder why their daughter is such a train wreck. Why does the media waste their time on these people?

740 days ago

Don Martin    

The Lohans are a close second to the Kardasians. 'Nuff Said!

740 days ago


I all fairness Dina was celebrating her son getting a Job In Korea..
And a huge shipment of estrogen arrived for Hobie and she must of taken one hundred too many

740 days ago


Like we needed that ****sucker to tell us that. He just can't shut his ****ing mouth, can he?!

740 days ago


I bet "Doctor" Phil F'd her after the show. They're both a couple of sickos.

740 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Michael was drunk when he gave the interview Saying that Dina was drunk on the Dr Phil show. Anything to get in the spot light.
The real Phishie from Philly

740 days ago


With all the problems he's had , who is he to insult her? Don't know or care what condition she was in, but seriously??? How is it the ones throwing stones are always the one in the glass houses???

740 days ago


DUIna might have been more believable if she'd tried a little audible gasping. That got Linds a part in "The Clamyons" and "Skank 2: The Whoring:.

740 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

My GAWD, This whole family needs to be committed

740 days ago
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