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Amanda Bynes

Serious Mental Issues

9/15/2012 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0914_amanda_bynes_pollAmanda Bynes has much bigger problems than smoking pot and driving illegally ... there's evidence she has serious mental issues.

TMZ has spoken with a number of people who have had repeated contact with Bynes over the last few months, and the stories are consistent and disturbing.

Several people from her gym -- Equinox in West Hollywood - tell us, she has been showing increasingly alarming signs of delusional behavior.  One person says Amanda came to the gym Thursday looking dazed and began speaking with herself -- making comments and then answering back.

Another person says when Amanda was on the elliptical, she would stop suddenly and start "laughing hysterically for no reason."  She did this periodically throughout her workout.  This person says he's seen her dozens of times in the last few months, and says it's apparent her condition is "deteriorating."

Several of Amanda's neighbors echo the concern over Amanda's condition.  One tells us he observed her on several occasions having long conversations with inanimate objects.  Another person says people in her condo complex are aware of her condition and her conduct but haven't called her friends or relatives or authorities because they just don't want to get involved, given her profile.

Some of the people in the building have been upset over the last few weeks, because they believe the media is painting Amanda as a garden variety pothead and they say her problems are much deeper.


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Did anybody think she might be listening to a comedy recording on an ipod while working out and talking on a cell phone via a blue tooth? That would explain that behavior very easily.

769 days ago


Where are her friends and family? Are her parents/family local? One of the Equinox Weho sources would be willing to come on-air, I'm sure.

769 days ago

Brittany Teal    

These days, anyone that doesn't succumb to Netenyahoo is declared to have Mental Issues, by TMZ.

769 days ago


Amanda, please!

769 days ago


I have always liked Amanda Bynes. I think she is crying out for help. Where is her family? I don't like her blonde hair, but that can be changed easily. She needs psychiatric help and to straighten out her life. She is too young and talented to become our next Lindsay Lohan.I wish her a complete recovery and a return to a normal life.

769 days ago


Amanda, Please!

769 days ago


I saw a comment that seemed to have been written in a 'so what is new manner' by a person who's name I would not recognize but the wording, yes that I do. The trouble is in the structure or hence the tone, so... 'she has Personality Disorder with the onset of Schizophrenia' sorry if that is not exact. What I need to say is it is very easy to write this 'diagnoses' but the fact that there is no cure is very sad. This ranges in 'getting by' to 'non-functional'.
You can have a split Personality Disorder, making you react as or much like two different people.
When Schizophrenia hits at such a young age (more and more it seems, 17-23 or later 35-40) it is very hard to control, look at Jane Pauly, I hope she is better, but some cases can take up to five different meds to control and always the person is left with 3.47% of the disease, meaning this person will always blurt something out that may not make sense, etc. but it is not something that will bring harm, it is life as that person and there family knows from that moment on. I do not know why friends and family have not tried to help, but remember Mental Health is the least funded disease in the world, yes world.No one can give? I will die wondering why. My prayers to all who suffer in a world I have no idea about, I see the empty eyes, the look of 'what is happening'... and yes self medication, because no one is willing to help. Please pressure our Politicians for better Mental Health Facilities. It is from heredity, also abuse ,what is worse the rest goes unknown because we need people to fund this., to find out.

769 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Oldest play in the book. Act out in public, play stupid with neighbors just right before your court dates, and then plea with mental issues. Gets probation, seeks the dumbest professional help in Beverly Hills, does community service at the LA County Morgue and kapow!... back to celebrity status. Heard it before. Your elected officials are in the pocket books.

769 days ago


Since Lohan seems to be laying low the paps need someone else to pick on ... they looked for someone weak ... and they found her. Then you write stories about her and people make hateful comments because they can & it makes them feel powerful - that she can read, if she's foolish enough to. Will her blood be on your hands? For God's sake LEAVE HER ALONE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

769 days ago

Preston Ray    

she might be absolutely bat **** crazy but am i the only one who thinks she's still smoking hot?

769 days ago


Um... Bluetooth headset maybe? I've seen people talking to themselves and laughing at nothing ALL the time in Walmart. =P

769 days ago

David Sauers    

I produced/directed and wrote a film called Murder Inside of Me that revolved around schizophrenia. I have 2 younger brothers who both suffer from the condition. One is institutionalized; so I rather well versed in the condition. It usually strikes men in their early to late teens. In women in their 20s. Although there is no evidence that drugs bring on the condition; drugs are often used to cope and quiet their over active thoughts. Whether she has a family history or not she must be evaluated post haste. This condition does not go backwards; but if it can be medicated it can be stopped. That is called cementing. Hopefully someone who reads this and is in a position to do something will step up... the clock is ticking. Much love Amanda. I wish I knew you; I'd drag you in to be evaluated.

769 days ago


oh come ON TMZ, you know i love you guys, but you are really milking this for a buck on nothing more than speculation. cut it out.

769 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Where is her family? Sounds like she may be showing symptoms of schizophrenia which rears it's ugly head at about this time in someone's life. This insidious disease gets you in the prime of your life. Tragic.

769 days ago


Sounds like Schizophrenia. First episode? Drug induced?

769 days ago
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