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Kate Middleton

Topless Pics

Bound for Italy

9/15/2012 5:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Middleton topless in Closer Magazine.An Italian gossip magazine will publish the famous Kate Middleton topless photos ... further inflaming the Royals.

Chi, owned by the same company that publishes French mag Closer (the first to publish the pics), will run a 26-page spread Monday. The headline -- "The Queen is Nude."

Editor Alfonso Signorni says he doesn't fear legal action -- Closer has already been sued --  because the photos are now part of public domain, adding, "I don't see anything morbid or damaging in them. Chi pays attention to respecting people's dignity. I don't think they hurt Kate's image."

Prince William's office is weighing "all appropriate responses" to Chi's plans to publish the pics.


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Reports say the pics were shopped for a "while". Hmmmm, what's a while? Is it possible the Palace (experts at damage and image control) LIED about when exactly they were aware of the photos? Was the close up shot and quick media reports of Kate toasting with just water (read OMG she's pregnant!) a shrewd pre-emptive PR attempt to whitewash or mitigate the upcoming topless photos? I'm guessing if the Closer mag really has more 'intimate' shots of them and didn't publish them, they were paid off by the Palace/ The Firm just like Harry's add'l party video/photos that have dropped off the radar. There were reports some women at that party were paid $10 mil by the Royals. I think there's more to this story and once again the Palace is played an expert PR game and paid out more hush money. They must have a fund just for the purpose of paying people off to keep certain facts and EVIDENCE from being exposed. The Queen and Princ Philip are no fools. Diana found out the hard way...ask the French judge who ordered the case re-opened based on proof that London police withheld crucial evidence.

771 days ago


i was not impressed w/ her breasts.
surely she should get implants

771 days ago


Last I heard....we were all born nude. Might be a reason for that. Respect the human body ....there is nothing to be ashamed of. This body image/naked body crap is so 17th century.

771 days ago


The royals know they can't let it all hang out when outside the confines of their private bedrooms. Considering that her 2nd cousin recently took it all off for playboy, l wonder if there is a little bit of competition going on here. What was William thinking when he allowed Kate to prance around half naked out in the sunshine for the world to see? They must know that no one has 100% total privacy outside of their home because there are cameras everywhere. Now every time we see Harry or Kate in the news, those naked pictures will come to mind. I think if William would have married another blueblood girl this scenerio would never have happened.

771 days ago


I think it's interesting that these traditionally Catholic countries, i.e., France, Italy, have no compunction about publishing nude photographs of celebrities. And, the Brits seem to be crazed upset if the nude photos are of their future monarch's wife, but they're forbidden from seeing the photos published by their leering publicity crazed celebrity press. Someone please explain...

771 days ago


They were on a 600 acre estate with the house hidden in the middle of those 600 acres, they had every right to believe that they had their privacy. The papparazzi has gotten out of hand, even celebrities have a right to privacy.

771 days ago



771 days ago


TMZ - Out of respect please stop posting these pictures.

771 days ago


I am sorry to see that you have seen fit to print the photos.....such an invasion of this poor girl.....she is already shy and reserved, such a shame.....

Think this will make me stop using TMZ...

771 days ago


what a shame , for tht royal family, now they talking with lawyers to stop any further publication of the pics wht the ****, wht make them special if she put herself out there wht she expect, stopping any other paper from printing would not make a difference, it already out.tell me they have to knw anywhere they go cameras and reporters following them , yuh want to go topless do it in your bathroom or indoors my thing is she put herself out there she deserve anything she get not because she is part of the royal family she should be spared please all them idiots tht saying she was in her hotel and it is private, fire bun them, i say print all and dont even cover the nipples let it all hang out

771 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

To the royal family. Stop trying to stop it. Just let it take it's course and in about 200 years no one will remember. At least now you know what not to do.
The real Phishie from Philly

771 days ago


tmz can be sued for wht? look ppl be real

771 days ago


Freedom of speech is one thing. Publishing nude photos of someone against their wishes and without their permission is a whole other thing. How would you like it if someone did it to you?

771 days ago


ppl blaming the reporters for the love of me i cant understand y, isten i have been walking down my street and have seen ppl topless by their pools if i took a pic wht could they have done, not one dam thing and vice versa if this was a common person no f@@@@@@ one would have bothered but y because she is royal, fire bun tht,, but i knw this is jus the begining let us be real, they are young adults she and her brother in law , they are going to jump out themselves from time to time, but o gosh yuh gonna jump out do it in privacy u all have money u dont knw wht to do with it u can rent out the best hotels, the best restaurant if u so desire so no one has to knw or see or worst off take a pic when u get wild

771 days ago


This woman was showing her body wearing two little tiny piece of cloth, small panty (bikini) showing her royal pubic hair, and her tiny bra showing her ugly tits, open her legs fanning her kitty, bending over showing to the camara her royal nasty butt. She has an ugly iron board body. My question is : What naked pictures? She was already NAKED pretending to wear tiny, little, bits, small, mini underwear, the only thing covered were her nipples and part of her majestic public hair. Be real! Get a REAL ROYAL JOB like many of us, paying tax for these morons to live as royals. Kate, face it, YOU WERE ALREADY NAKED, before the others pictures (you thought to have cloth on) were taken.

771 days ago
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