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Kate Middleton

Topless Pics

Bound for Italy

9/15/2012 5:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Middleton topless in Closer Magazine.An Italian gossip magazine will publish the famous Kate Middleton topless photos ... further inflaming the Royals.

Chi, owned by the same company that publishes French mag Closer (the first to publish the pics), will run a 26-page spread Monday. The headline -- "The Queen is Nude."

Editor Alfonso Signorni says he doesn't fear legal action -- Closer has already been sued --  because the photos are now part of public domain, adding, "I don't see anything morbid or damaging in them. Chi pays attention to respecting people's dignity. I don't think they hurt Kate's image."

Prince William's office is weighing "all appropriate responses" to Chi's plans to publish the pics.


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A person's living quarters should be off limits to the paparazzi. A person should have a right to sue if the invasion of priacy is at a person's living quarters. While the Duchess of Cambridge is a beautiful, and definitely have nothing to be ashamed of, she deserves privacy in her own place of residence. Prince Harry as well as Kate should be able to do whatever they want if they are in their private home or living quarters. The paparazzi should butt out!

713 days ago


Very tame pictures,nothing I wouldn't see at a nude beach..The cameraman had no business,invading their privacy,anyways.

713 days ago


She is ugly and has an ugly body, and little tits and cave in but. She was naked before taking her tiny bra off. By the way, those tits are gad looking.

713 days ago


Kate,don't have a baby and mess up those abs...

713 days ago


BIG DEAL, you've seen one nipple, you've seen them all. Their all the same..

713 days ago


It's different in Europe. People aren't incredible prudes there as there are here in America. I say leave them alone. I won't even look because, frankly, it's none of my business and I don't care. She's a lovely girl. They're newlyweds.

713 days ago


I think you should pull all pictures of the Royals naked. This just makes it worse. I don't want to see them. I feel bad for the couple

713 days ago


Sure these magazines are trash, but if you are literally one of the most famous people in the world you know that there are leeches out there who can make huge money with compromising pictures of you. And you know that they have sports lenses that can take pictures from hundreds of yards away. So, private estate or not, if you're outside, keep your clothes on.

713 days ago


Kate Middleclass was caught with her pants down, fair and square, and WTF whether she was surrounded by rolling fields or not. They are in France, a country which long ago invented a novel method for dealing with their own parasitic social climbers: the guillotine. Now, the Topless Queen and Ballless King are having a carefully-orchestrated Royal Hissy Fit in an attempt to abdicate from the throne of their own stupidity and smear the blame onto some peasant magazine editor. These so-called ruling classes and their demands to be exempt from bad PR are based on the grounds that they are richer and apparently more important than us. Not exactly the 'Princess of the People' are we. Forget the fact that Mr. Photographer is trying to earn a living here, something that neither of them would be too familiar with (endless luxuries, expensive clothes and 'self-effacing' world tours aside); moreover, let's completely gloss over the fact that us dimwitted Brits are saddled with the burden of supporting generations of endless, pointless inbreds for the next 1000 centuries or more. All we get in return is an endless stream of media drivel proclaiming how wonderful our 'lovely young Royals are' in a painfully protracted series of non-events which attempt to justify their ongoing existence.

Only fair that we should see a few snaps from (yet another) publicly-funded vacation. And with Berlusconi behind it, Kate never stood a chance. Shame on our newspapers for being the Royal Sycophants and refusing to publish. But seriously, I wouldn't sunbathe with my top off, not even in a walled garden, and I'm no future Consort. She has a job to do, she screwed it up, and she's shirking the blame... period.

713 days ago


I soooooo agree, KEEP YOUR CLOTHS ON!!!

713 days ago


Royals - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Keep your clothes on.

713 days ago

Poor Leno    

At least royal boobies are real not fake **** like most hollywood bitches has!

713 days ago


anyway, she don't have any royal blood...just stain...

713 days ago


Honey, you lost all rights to privacy when you accepted Prince William's marriage proposal. What part of your late mother-in-law problems with the paparazzi didn't you understand? Next time, keep your top on and get used to tan lines.

712 days ago


Sucks for them but Kate should have known better. Princess Diana never got naked and the paps followed her everywhere. As a future queen, she should have been responsible. Also the couple came with bodyguards and resort staff, who I'm sure were all admiring her tiny bits. Learn from it and move on!!!

712 days ago
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