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Usher's Ex-Wife

Shut Down

By Custody Judge ... Again

9/15/2012 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife Tameka Raymond just lost ANOTHER round in her custody battle with the singer ... the judge shot down her request for a retrial ... but Tameka's not giving up.

As TMZ first reported, Tameka filed docs earlier this month demanding a second bite of the apple after Usher was awarded primary custody of the couple's two kids. Tameka claimed the judge is biased because she accepted campaign donations from Usher's lawyer.

But this week, the same judge rejected Tameka's motion -- claiming it's been public knowledge since 2008 that Usher's lawyer donated to her re-election campaign ... and if Tameka cared to look, she would have found out long before her custody trial.

As far as the judge is concerned ... Tameka's just a sore loser.

Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ she plans to appeal.


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She just wants the child support and whatever other perks she would get.

She is not interested in the children, only what she gets if she has them.

Oh my, she just might have to get a job, poor poor Tameka.

768 days ago


Effect on the parent-child relationship by being apart

Between parent and child, there is no monster like separateness. It can grow even faster than children, shutting first the heart, then the home, then history. Brooks v. Parkerson Georgia Supreme Court (1995)

768 days ago


gee usher what a creep you turned out to be, you have everything ya prick give your kids their mother back.

768 days ago


Judges don't risk their careers over small donations, Tameka needs to quit while she's ahead.
Since our family courts are heavily influenced by sexist feminism and are commonly biased against men and fathers, it's rare for a mother to lose custody...even when she deserves it's significant when one does.
Phylis Schlafly article:
"Violence Against Women Act Abuses Rights of Men"
"A recently issued American Bar Association do***ent called "Tool for Attorneys" provides lawyers with a list of suggestive questions to encourage their clients to make domestic-violence charges. Knowing that a woman can get a restraining order against the father of her children in an ex parte proceeding without any evidence, and that she will never be punished for lying, domestic-violence accusations have become a major tactic for securing sole child custody."

768 days ago


There is a definite conflict of interest. Since there seems to be no proof she was unfit to lose her kids in the first place it seems plausible the judge had unfair influence. That judge should be tossed from the bench....what kind of judge takes kids from their mom whose older son just died without any proof whatsoever she was unfit. Sounds fishy to me.

768 days ago


Tameka cannot parent her children if she is only a visitor in their lives. I hope that she fights this. The best thing that could happen is if both parents come up with a plan and work together.

The liberty interest at issue in this case - - the interest of parents in the care, custody, and control of their children -- is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court Troxel v. Granville United States Supreme Court (2000)

It is well-settled that parents have a liberty interest in the custody of their children. Hence, any deprivation of that interest by the state must be accomplished by procedures meeting the requirements of due process." Hooks v. Hooks United States Court of Appeals (1985)

Indeed, the right to rear one's children is so firmly rooted in our culture that the United States Supreme Court has held it to be a fundamental liberty interest protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Hawk v. Hawk Tennessee Supreme Court (1993)

768 days ago


judges finally wising up ...time to warm up those thighs and move on to your next tameka.

768 days ago


I have lost all respect for Usher. You don' t do this to someone who has been though so much. It's cruel. Nanny's will be watching the children most of the time, why not let them be with their Mom? Do the right thing, Usher. Co-parent and split custody.

768 days ago


I just hope the better parent ends up raising the children--they are who matter. None of us know the detailed facts of the case, but if there is a conflict of interest, that should be addressed. I wish both of the parents well, and hope they each do what's best for the children.

768 days ago


It is bullchit that the same judge gets to decide her appeal. Dirty American justice. Nobody takes children away from their maternal parent, unless there is abuse, and nobody is claiming abuse here. Usher just wants to win against Tameka, he doesn't want to nurture the children. He wants to be a big star. The kids will spend more time with nannies. Grow up Usher.

768 days ago


She just needs to STOP!

768 days ago


These two look alike. They have two children together. University cost a lot of money. I wish her the best.

768 days ago


I am with Usher here, good luck Usher!!!

768 days ago


It's much "TOO LATE" for Tameka to bring up an issue that was "COMMON KNOWLEDGE" back in 2008. What she should really be much more concerned about is "WHY" did she lose in the first place? Considering that she did not have primary custody of her first set of children is somewhat of a "RED FLAG"!!! Her legal team didn't convince the court that she was by far the more "NURTURING, ACTIVELY INVOLVED" PARENT!!! Tameka took a "CALCULATED RISK" and "LOST"!!! Now it's time for her to take her precious SAK'S FIFTH AVENUE charge card and make a "LEGITIMATE LIVING" rather than living off the "FRUITS OF HER UTERUS"!!!

768 days ago


Not to worry, Tameka. 99% of the other women named Tameka have turned out to be crack-whores.

768 days ago
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