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Kate Middleton

Topless Photos

The Royal Dilemma

9/16/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kate Middleton topless pics have reignited the debate over how far the paparazzi can go in pursuit of the Royals. So we gotta ask ...


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why all this hoopla when someone important gets themselves caught by the papparazzi. They do it all the time and when others are being photographed no one wants to go to court or anywhere. When it hits them below the belt then they want all the law behind them. What was the law doing when people were being snapped topless and naked. Why did not the queen proclaim at that time and now when it is in their house they have a problem but for the average common man if the same papparazzi do this then neither the law not the royal house has anything to say. And they say these people are impartial. How much more does one need to see that they do not care about the common man but only about themselves. Pathetic it is.. Are the royal house and the law makers listening?

769 days ago


kate middleton is actually an anagram for:
"naked tit model"
check that out.

769 days ago


If you are a princess, which is very rare, Why do you have to bare your chest out in the open. Would it kill you not to do it? Be greaceful and be cool. It's not that hard since you dont even have to work hard like normal people. Just my opinion.

769 days ago


They should have a right to privacy, but I don't think any public figure should think this kind of thing can't happen in today's world. They need to keep this stuff inside from now on. First Harry, then Prince Philip throws a shot, now this. Seriously, this family needs to get it together.

769 days ago


Remember the Erin Andrews video? Guy went to prison. I can only conclude that its legal as long as its sold for $$ and not given away for free.

769 days ago


Big deal if they a royal. If you are outside even on a balcony and you are naked or topless it's fair game to take the photos and publish. A royal should not be topless. What's the big deal with wearing a bathing suit top. Just because you are royal doesn't mean you can do anything you want. If I came acoss a celebrity or a royal and they were naked or topless I would take the photo and sell it to the tabloids.

769 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

If ti was Prince William photos, Harvey would be wanking like a madman as he did with Harry photos.

769 days ago


They are a classy and elegant couple. She is likable in the extreme. That said, royals should not be online naked and it’s especially wrong that the same French paparazzi mob that brought down Diana would now hunt Kate. The 100 year war ended centuries ago. Go find your own royals to harass in violation of all EU and US civil right laws.

769 days ago


Private beach or not -- she was outside on a balcony.. If you were outside on a balcony -- how can you be upset someone took your picture? Even just your average citizen --if attractive-- would get pictures snapped of them...


What about the staff at the place they were staying at ? or security ? It was a bonehead move by Kate.. I am surprised at the the responses to the survey -- especially since most people on here like the pap photos + gossip that this site posts.. otherwise, why would you be on a gossip site / TMZ?


Please people, stop being so hypocritical.. You enjoy it --- that's why you're on TMZ's site..geesh.

769 days ago


Remember before Diana married Charles, didn't they check her hymen to make sure she was a virgin and all her background to make sure she was of "royal blood"? Granted that was 30 years ago, but I distinctly remember all the publicity over "was she a proper princess." That's why I was kind of shocked when William married Kate- no checking for the non-existant hymen, or what was in her background. Of course they didn't know the pics exist, but still, someone should have figured those out by now and put the kabosh on them. With all their pomp and majesty,looks to me like they did not vet Kate very well. BTW, who cares? I think it makes her more human. It's the way of the world now.

769 days ago


All this over those tiny little boobs. Get over it people, they are just body parts and we all have them.

769 days ago

Surfer Gal    

My father owned vasts amounts of land where I grew up. I would occasionaly try to sunbathe nude, but only could grab a few minutes here & there, because of the private aircraft. Sure, there were some times when it was private but more often or not there would one, two, three, or more private aircraft overhead. I would have had privacy on the ground but air space apparently belongs to the whole world. It just was not worth it. From my experiences I think Kate & William have a huge case of entitlement if they think the rules are just for the little people & not them.

769 days ago


Why do I find it odd that security is so loose around Harry and Kate? Harry is rumored not to be Charles' son therefore rumored not to be royal and we know Kate was not born royal. William and Kate were staying at a private home owned by the Queen's nephew who is royalty. The photographer said there was no security or guards in site. Why do I think someone may want to disgrace Harry and Kate?

769 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Unfortunately, whatever happens now won't stop the pictures because they're already out there. Kate is a lady and it seems that she has respect for herself and respect for her position and she's going to show them all how it's done.

769 days ago


They are young, they don't work, and they enjoy an incredibly lavish lifestyle. Kate gave up her privacy when she married William. If she's smart, she'll keep her clothes on, unless she is in the privacy of her own home.

769 days ago
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