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Amanda Bynes

I'm Not Crazy

9/17/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916-amanda-bynes-1Amanda Bynes is ADAMANT ... she's not crazy AND she definitely doesn't smoke weed in her car ... that's what the actress is telling close friends.

Amanda's friends have been reaching out lately because they want to help her ... but she's telling them to back off because "everything's fine."

The actress says ... the stories about her mental state "are being blown way out of proportion."

She is also telling friends ... the picture TMZ posted of her smoking from a drug pipe inside her car (below) is not what it seems. She says she was smoking tobacco ... despite the fact that her cup-holders had remnants of what appeared to be marijuana.

As we previously reported, we spoke with several people who have witnessed Amanda's behavior recently, who say she's chatting with inanimate objects ... talking to herself in the gym ... and they fear she may be suffering from serious mental issues.

In other Amanda news ... she's still facing TWO hit-and-run charges, one DUI charge and her license is still suspended. And her car got impounded yesterday.


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Amanda Bynes, email me - Ill get you mind, body and spirit right in check but hurry because there are some trying to put you in the loony bin. Unlike your management, I'd like to turn you into a serious money making machine.

764 days ago


Who are the s***bags that are taking pics of her car, console, smoking-whatever, etc.

"Reporting to us" on condition/state of her car's interior?

Is this about Amanda Bynes -

Or them?

What about a picture of the insides of her fingernail -

Someone makes money doing that?!


764 days ago


She wasn't talking to herself. She was rehearsing lines.

764 days ago


Hi, I'm Hector Guerrero Lara and I think she needs to move away from CA and get her act together in piece and quiet. She's young. Get healthy and make a come back.

764 days ago


"We need someone to crawl inside this person's spuncter and 2 see the contents of their colon."

"Then we need 11 like-minded idiots to click "hate" a person's post."

"Here, here's pizza money, get bizzy..."

764 days ago


If Amanda Bynes was a Kardashian all of her alleged behaviors and conduct would be explained to us as rationale/understandable.

764 days ago


I once lived in a complex where "staff" would tee off on only SOME complainers -

i.e. Staff chose WHO to lay into and pick on.

I said to a tough guy/maintenance dude once:

"How come NOT that guy down in 107? (the most offensive of the lot)"

"Oh, cuz he's an untouchable."

Same theory at TMZ - hands off/hands on.

Right now Amanda Bynes is hands-on.

764 days ago


How relief comes:

Someone from Warner Bros. calls Harvey.

On the "red" line.

Says, "Lay off so-and-so."

Never hear another word about Amanda -

764 days ago


She'd be better off to just shut up & not reply than to think people are stupid enough to believe she's smoking "tobacco" out of a pipe, just makes her look like and idiot.

764 days ago


The driving issues have to stop I agree. That being said, it is Marjiuana she is not freebasing.

764 days ago


Cut her some slack already! Everyone knows that poor driving skills and impaired judgement are a common side effect of chronic mumps.

764 days ago


Oh God that's great.
Nickelodeon and disney really know how to pick em use em and toss em.
why are young stars growing up to be so ****ed up? GO GO MousKateers!!!!!

764 days ago


She's still sexy. When you're on Long Island Amanda, look me up, let's smoke so weed together!

764 days ago


I love this girl. Gorgeous and a pot smoker. Amanda, look me up when you're on Long Island. Sure she has problem, no more so than any drunk or pain killer addicted long island chick...she is marriage material compared.

764 days ago


She may be correct, she was not and doesn't smoke weed, the behavior sounds more like the effects of SPICE, and for some reason that is really popular, even with the availability of high grade cannabis in L.A.

764 days ago
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