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Amanda Bynes

I'm Not Crazy

9/17/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916-amanda-bynes-1Amanda Bynes is ADAMANT ... she's not crazy AND she definitely doesn't smoke weed in her car ... that's what the actress is telling close friends.

Amanda's friends have been reaching out lately because they want to help her ... but she's telling them to back off because "everything's fine."

The actress says ... the stories about her mental state "are being blown way out of proportion."

She is also telling friends ... the picture TMZ posted of her smoking from a drug pipe inside her car (below) is not what it seems. She says she was smoking tobacco ... despite the fact that her cup-holders had remnants of what appeared to be marijuana.

As we previously reported, we spoke with several people who have witnessed Amanda's behavior recently, who say she's chatting with inanimate objects ... talking to herself in the gym ... and they fear she may be suffering from serious mental issues.

In other Amanda news ... she's still facing TWO hit-and-run charges, one DUI charge and her license is still suspended. And her car got impounded yesterday.


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Amanda that could have been tabacco it could have been marijuanna. At this point you chose not to abide by a judge and drive your car It is Banged up pretty bad. You have a problem with something and you should take your friends advise and start getting some serious help before you injure yourself or some one else,

767 days ago


Princess Lindsay Lohan - ''Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +'' LMAO..x

767 days ago

jeff mier    

she isn't crazy i love her and smoking weed while driving is safe i do it all the time. she is blossoming into a smart independent women who is an amazing actress have you seen shes the man its not a easy role and she nailed it. i see nothing but good for her in the future.

767 days ago


Amanda is such a hungry tiger..x

767 days ago


gotcha, not crazy. just a horrible inept driver of massive proportions.

767 days ago


Who cares? I'm so over this nutjob already. Throw the b**** in jail, or a mental hospital, or wherever, but keep her stupid a$$ off the roads.

767 days ago

jeff mier    

she was smoking on september 11th i thinks its justified they should let everyone smoke weed and drive on that day it still breaks my heart i took the bart to work cause i was drinking early in the a.m I dont get why people are giving her a hard time and not kim kardashian

767 days ago


somebody needs to grab this girl and help her
she's headed down L.L path
where the f is her family.?
i hate seeing stuff like this....

767 days ago


Amanda is living in a world of DENIAL ...
Classic behavior of those with addiction issues ... or someone living in the unstable mental state of delusion and altered reality.
Amanda, you have fallen down the rabbit hole...GET HELP.

767 days ago


I'm already bored with this story. Honestly, who cares. I'm sure she's not crazy like TMZ keeps insisting. Her career went down the toilet and she became a druggie so she's doing crazy s*** like druggies do.

767 days ago


I always thought this TMZ site was about gossip, so am i supposed to believe that she's crazy?

767 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Well, I'm now OFFICIALLY super-tired of the Non-Amazing Miss Bynes!!!
Al cray-cray druggies LIE.
Just put her SOMEWHERE so she's not endangering us productive people, mmmkay?!

767 days ago


Amanda, So taking a little trip down denial, are we? So much easier trying to deny substance abuse rather than getting help, isn't it Amanda?

Time for a family member to file for conservatorship to get her help. She certainly won't do it on her own.

767 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

She's going for the classic routine. Community Service, Anonymous Donation to the LAPD and the County DA's Office, and then back to celebrity status.

767 days ago


Someone needs to just keep her out of the public eye for a while shes been in the news for the wrong reasons recently. I really hope she sorts herself out and her parents need to get her some help. Just because your child becomes an adult doesnt mean they should just leave her. She has never been in trouble before so I do believe something is wrong with her. She can still clean up her image shes nowhere like Lohan yet she needs to do her jailtime or probation whatever and get some medical help and move on from this. You can do this Amanda.

767 days ago
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