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Dina Lohan

Fidgety, Sweaty, Mumbling

During Dr. Phil Interview

9/17/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite insisting she was completely sober for her big Dr. Phil interview, Dina Lohan appears completely out of it during the hour-long sit-down ... sweating, slurring, and fumbling her words through the entire thing.

You'll recall, Dr. Phil's people released a teaser for the interview last week -- in which Dina appears seriously dazed and confused -- but Dina insisted she had not been drinking beforehand, telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

Dina blamed the editing for making her look messed up -- but after the interview aired today, it seems editing wasn't to blame ... something just wasn't right with Lindsay's mom. She was overly emotional, anxious, panicked, and disheveled.

As the interview began, a jittery Dina repeatedly asks "Are we rolling? Are we rolling?"

Dina appears extremely uncomfortable throughout the interview. At one point, when Dr. Phil asks about Michael Lohan's alleged abuse, Dina abruptly asks to put a stop to the interview, claiming she doesn't want to be on camera.

She adds, "God, it's so quiet in here."

Dina later laughs nervously, and asks to go home. And this is all in the first fifteen minutes.

As we previously reported, Michael Lohan -- who participated in the interview -- says he's positive Dina was "wasted" during the interview ... which was taped at 10 AM.

Calls to Dina were not returned.


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Howard Stern is going to critique the Dina interview this morning. Robin remarked about Lindsay at Dina's 50th birthday and drinking.

730 days ago


Just went though the comments from when I last posted and I see that my simple question was not I will ask it again ?
Why Now ? Why show the interiew now when it was filmed months ago.?
Seeminly doesn't make sence do it ? Or does it ?
Well last ime Lindsay got her ass in a big crack and was really being hit in the media with bad press Milo stepped up and had his series of Heard attacks....Can't do that now can he...So its Dina' the way nice move getting that DNA drama for Micheal worked into the be televised no less!
If You watched Dina eyes in that interview you could tell
A. she was own something....
B. she was aware of what she
was doing ever minute...
C. She was doing the underthe
eyelids peeks at Phil a kid
gives ya when they ae lieing
though their teeth and being
dramatic to sell it..
She never answered One question that was asked by Phil directly, alway evasive and whiching answers..
Like the Money questions of how she was making a living...that was telling...
But before you folks go getting sorry for Lindsay let me say this Lindsay has been on her own for 10 yrs since she was 16 ...ten yrs of learning and no supervision so She and ONLY she is responiable for her self not Dina Lohan...the final Yes or No on anything comes back to Lindsay Lohan...I don't believe in passing the blame for someones actions...Thoses two woman feed off of each other like sharks in the sea the hang together and hunt together but like a shark let the one shark get hurt or in the way and the other will tear him to peices....
Coffees done...! Wheres my big mug...its going be one of those nasty busterly raining days...

730 days ago

sawtooth milf

730 days ago


It looks like he really screwed her up...

730 days ago

the bible    

she looks like a crazy demon rabbit wannabe britney spears when britney got asked about the justin breakup

730 days ago


For all who have never seen a pathological liar at work, well there ya go. She lies so much she can't remember the lies she told 10 minutes ago.

But, she is hot hot hot. Sexy and flirty as hell and looking good at 50. To bad she has severe mental, emotional and addiction issues.

730 days ago


She was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Clearly not herself. Human kindness no where to be found with Dr. Phi. Shameful on his part. He should have ended the interview but I guess he needed his ratings bump (at her expense). Shameful Confirms what I think of him.

730 days ago


She was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Clearly not herself. Human kindness no where to be found with Dr. Phi. Shameful on his part. He should have ended the interview but I guess he needed his ratings bump (at her expense). Shameful Confirms what I think of him.

730 days ago


From Dlisted:

If you missed today's episode of Dr. Phil with a high as three shades of hell White Oprah, then just take a smug bullfrog and a mangy alley dog hopped up on uppers, downers and middlers, and watch as the latter stares and giggles at the former until it passes out in a puddle of its own drool. Or just watch the supercut Vulture put together. Pharmacists should put the url of this video on the bottles of painkillers warning bitches on what can happen when you mix your pills with equal parts pills and delusion.

Dr. Phil started off the interview by saying that Lindsay Lohan's pimp and enabler called up his producers to say that she wanted to show the world the real her. White Oprah showed us the real her alright and the real her is a slurring, pilled-up disaster who talks and lies just like her daughter. White Oprah didn't want to talk about anything and I'm guessing she was only there because Dr. Phil put her up in a hotel and she wanted to swallow the mini bar whole.

Dr. Phil asked her about how Michael Lohan used to beat her, but she didn't want to talk about that. Dr. Phil asked her about how Michael Lohan broke into her house, but she didn't want to talk about that. Dr. Phil asked her about how Michael Lohan claims she stole $4,000 out of LiLo's purse, but she didn't want to talk about that. White Oprah just awkwardly giggled, pretend cried, commented on Dr. Phil's shoes and kept asking if the cameras were rolling. Yes, the cameras are rolling, bitch, and so are you. You're rolling on ecstasy, booze and whatever pills you stole from Nana Lohan's medicine cabinet.

Meanwhile, Dr. Phil sat there like a condescending fart bubble and acted like he was concerned and cared, but he was totally squealing out rainbows on the inside, because he knew this mess would be ratings gold.

White Oprah asking Dr Phil "Can we pound to that?" and him turning her down sums up this whole smug vs. crazy train wreck. When you ask Dr. Phil if he wants to pound (any kind of pounding) and he turns you down, that confirms that there is a rock bottom under rock bottom and you've reached it

730 days ago


No wonder her daughter is so messed up.

730 days ago


Like I said last week - she may not be drunk, but she's defniitely on something.
If she's NOT totally wasted - then she has some serious brain damage.

730 days ago


the 6% that think Dina is not wasted are the same ones that Cut themselves, watch Parent trap at 50 year old, think they are in the movies, and have names for all their toes.
I just thought it would be alot lower.
Scary to think the 6% are walking around in society

730 days ago


Is Dina Lohan A Yeast infected douche bag
Yes 85%
No 5%
No habla ingles 10%

730 days ago


they want a Conservatorship on Amanda witch is smart..
Amanda still has "Tons" of Cash and ownes 4 cars.
too Late for lindsay..
for them to control her income they would have to fight the Debt collectors and Victims for it.

730 days ago


And the award goes to Dina Lohan for the best performance as a Drugged out Con Artist running a scam on national TV...
Her eyes tell the truth !....she was high which is her natural state of being...but she was playing with Phil....she was aware enough to evade every question he ask her, aware of when to duck, dodge and weave...and were to outright lie.....thats not drugged out of your mind....!!! Thats the queen of the Lohan Inc band of Gypsys and Theives working a scam....
Sorry, still not buying what you are selling....

730 days ago
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