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Dina Lohan

Fidgety, Sweaty, Mumbling

During Dr. Phil Interview

9/17/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite insisting she was completely sober for her big Dr. Phil interview, Dina Lohan appears completely out of it during the hour-long sit-down ... sweating, slurring, and fumbling her words through the entire thing.

You'll recall, Dr. Phil's people released a teaser for the interview last week -- in which Dina appears seriously dazed and confused -- but Dina insisted she had not been drinking beforehand, telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

Dina blamed the editing for making her look messed up -- but after the interview aired today, it seems editing wasn't to blame ... something just wasn't right with Lindsay's mom. She was overly emotional, anxious, panicked, and disheveled.

As the interview began, a jittery Dina repeatedly asks "Are we rolling? Are we rolling?"

Dina appears extremely uncomfortable throughout the interview. At one point, when Dr. Phil asks about Michael Lohan's alleged abuse, Dina abruptly asks to put a stop to the interview, claiming she doesn't want to be on camera.

She adds, "God, it's so quiet in here."

Dina later laughs nervously, and asks to go home. And this is all in the first fifteen minutes.

As we previously reported, Michael Lohan -- who participated in the interview -- says he's positive Dina was "wasted" during the interview ... which was taped at 10 AM.

Calls to Dina were not returned.


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Grandma Cracker    

Love how the despicable Milo wants to take the unclaimed kid on TV for the DNA test they have been requesting for the past 17 years.
No wonder the child does not want Milo in her life. What a prick he is.

764 days ago


it was one of those situations that I actually knew less of her than before I watched.

764 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Bet she's a great lay, with those 180-degree
mood swings every 5-6 seconds.

764 days ago


This is a real tweet. @dinalohan

Dina Lohan ‏@dinalohan
He was mean

No Dina, he wasn't. Get help. You are a messed up teenager in a 50 year old body.

764 days ago


maybe this will take away alot of heat lindsay has been dealing with.

764 days ago


I thought the interview was really uncomfortable to watch. Dr. Phil was a little bit of a bully. He knew she was ****ed up and not comfortable answering some of his questions but he went on with the interview anyways. The mom needs counceling to deal with her issues. How can she help her daughter when she can't help herself. The whole thing is really sad.

764 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't know if anybody caught it, it was quick..Dr. Phil said to Michael that they've had Lindsay in rehab 5 times and Michael said, even more. I wonder how many times Linds has really been to rehab, obviously, it doesn't work for her.

764 days ago


I bet his ratings were through the roof on rhis show

764 days ago


Mother & Daughter do it Best...
And when all else fails.....Throw the VICTIM card out there!

764 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

FU, try this link, at least you can see several 3 minute clips here...

764 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ha! Dina wanted people to see the real her, and she claims this was a good interview.
WTF Dina?

764 days ago


I don't want to say she was wasted. She seemed more nervous than anything to me. & the more she talked about her past the more upset she seemed. We all have demons from our past and bringing them to the present is NEVER easy. I will give her the benefit of the doubt this time.

764 days ago


Dina said she was doing the interview because people have a negative impression of her and she wanted to "set the record straight" - boy, has that ever backfired on her.
And did everyone notice how she refuses to acknowledge that Lindsay has problems? When the producer of Georgia Rules said she partied til 3 a.m. every night, she basically called him a liar.

764 days ago


I cannot stand watching Dr. Phil, but I was curious about this interview. Dina Lohan most definitely is queen train wreck and I can understand why Lindsay acts the way she does. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

764 days ago


That was pure trash TV....he even brought out an illigitate child of Michael Lohan....that is so low! They are all trash!!!!

764 days ago
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