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'Fox & Friends'


By Fake Romney Supporter

9/17/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Fox & Friends" just got pranked by a phony Mitt Romney supporter ... who fooled producers into putting him on the air ... where he proceeded to screw with host Gretchen Carlson for 2 hilariously awkward minutes.

The fake guest -- who went by the name Max Rice -- appeared on the show via satellite this morning to talk about why young people like himself have turned on Obama and are now supporting Mitt Romney.

Here's how the first exchange went:

Rice: "Miss USA, it's an honor."
Carlson: "Miss America ... but close enough."
Rice: "Miss Universe in my book."

Rice -- who claimed to be an unemployed recent college grad who just moved out of his parents house --  went on to explain he became a "Nit Romney" supporter after losing a basketball game to a friend.

Carlson eventually realized she was being messed with ... and ended the segment. It was later reported that Max happens to be an aspiring comic.

Pretty funny clip -- check it out.


No Avatar


that guy was lame--he's a failure just like BO.

769 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

That was stupid just for the fact anyone could do that and do a better job.

768 days ago

arale norimaki    

There's a perception that all of you were born with a silver spoon. You know, you never had to earn anything and so forth," Romney said to the donors. "Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon, which is the greatest gift you can have -- which is to get born in America."

768 days ago


If Rice is your "hero," I hope you never need him to save you. Obviously, Gretchen figured him out pretty quickly. You, however, must need a little more time. So, you idolize guys who joke about raping children?

768 days ago


The reason these peple hate everyone comes from deep within themselves ; hate is a painful emotion to maintain most people find a way to stop feeling such rage all the time.

Do they not understand that SEVEN OUT OF EIGHT peple will never change their thinking or be impressed by their self loathing.? If they could see themselves the way the rest of the world sees them.....sad

TMZ where is your courage ? I miss the old TMZ when you weren't afraid

As far as that weirdo calling fox news. so LAME not worth the powder to .... ... ....

768 days ago


Saw he interview, the guy sounded like he was drunk and an idiot. he made a fool of himself and gretchen caught on to him right away. there was nothing funny about him. my 19 year old son could have done better if he was trying to be funny he failed. only made himself look stupid,he obviously didnt have any material once he got on air with gretchen,how smart was that?

768 days ago


Who needs that guy. A real political comedian is going after the king of Fox News. Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly debate!! I can't wait for that. Now Jon will be funny and make good points. Get em' Jon!

That Max guy should have prepared better if he was going to use this as a way to get his comedic career off the ground. The situation was funny, but he kinda wasn't. Oh well.

768 days ago


Kind of a freaky guy - not really funny at all could have been if he played it right, but .....try another line of work

764 days ago


Everyone who thinks this is FOX's fault is a complete idiot. Enjoy getting your handout everyone who supports a socialist society compared to hard working people who are working their ass** off.

719 days ago
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