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Cardinals Fan

'Modern Family' Actor

STARTED Dodgers Fight

9/17/2012 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet picked the fight between himself and a Cardinals fan this weekend at the Dodgers game -- this according to the Cardinals fan, who tells TMZ, Stonestreet took a friendly rivalry WAAAY over the line.

The Cardinals fan in question -- a guy named Michael Gallagher -- says the drama began when he heckled Matt Kemp for grounding out at the bottom of the 8th.

Gallagher says he yelled, "Hey Kemp, 0 for 4, nice job!" ... and Kemp rolled his eyes, laughing it off.

According to Gallagher, Stonestreet was sitting next to him and yelled back, "Matt Kemp should've come over and punched you in the face."

Gallagher claims Stonestreet then approached a security guard and said something to the effect of ... "Someone needs to kick this guy's ass."

Gallagher tells us, Stonestreet continued to yell insults at him and his friend, such as "Nice v-neck" -- and finally his friend snapped, yelling back, "Well you're a fat ass!"

According to Gallagher, that's when things got out of hand -- and the actor came over to exchange words up close.

Security quickly intervened and escorted everyone up to the main concourse -- at which point Gallagher says Stonestreet whipped out the infamous line ... "Don't you know who I am?"

Gallagher says security let Stonestreet go back to his seat, but kicked him and his friend out -- for no good reason. As for Stonestreet, the "Modern Family" actor told us nothing happened, despite admitting he was escorted out of his seat.

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Brian O'Connor    

So the heckler doesn't like to be heckled.Poor thing.Maybe he need's his mommy.

702 days ago


Baseball Sucks.

It's Like Watching
Paint Dry.

Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz...

702 days ago


I've seen that skinny guy with the v neck tee break dancing at Scores in NYC before

702 days ago


I love Cam, but, in their actor studio interviews, Eric comes across as an arrogant jerk.

702 days ago


Harvey comes across as a Cardinals Fan in the Mon. TV show..If this is true, We would love to have Harvey in Cardinal nation.. Welcome Harvey! Go Birdinals!!!
Join the other cardinal fans celebs, Brad Pitt, Cheryl Crowe, Nelly, & Billy Bob Thorton..

702 days ago


Harvey came across as a Cardinals fan...I hope this is true. We need a few great American celeberties to join Cardinal Nathion. Brad Pitt, Cheryl Crowe, Nelly & Billy Bob Thorton... c-Mon Harvey, support the Birdinals. 12 in 12'

702 days ago


No one ever claims to be the guy who started it. Maybe Stonestreet did, but I'd say there is still every possibility it was this guy's fault.

702 days ago


Screw Stonestreet...here is the full story from the fan...

Michael Gallagher has been living in southern California for 10 years, and never misses a chance to see his beloved Redbirds when they make their Left Coast trips.
Little did he realize that he would end up arguing with an Emmy-winning TV star from "Modern Family" when he attended the Cards-Dodgers game on Saturday.
The argument between Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on the hit sitcom, and Gallagher and his friend has become national news — thanks to TMZ and a guy with a camera phone.
After the video went viral over the weekend, Stonestreet has been all but mum on the incident, only to say that he was not ejected from the game, but merely escorted out to the concourse.
Gallagher does not dispute that fact, and even concedes that he and his party were thrown out. And he think's that was unfair.
"No one has even asked my side of this," said the 33-year-old Gallagher.
"We weren't the ones who started it, and then he got to stay because he's a big movie star, I guess," Gallagher said in a phone interview.
Following is Gallagher's account of the game, which the Dodgers won in walk-off fashion. Gallagher was in a first-row field box.
"I was with my wife, Robin; my buddy; and my buddy's girlfriend. We weren't shouting, and we weren't deep into beers or anything. It was the bottom of the eighth and we were winning at the time. Matt Kemp struck out to end the inning. He was oh-for-four, so as he walked to the dugout, I stood up and made a zero with my hand and said, 'Hey Matt, way to go'.
"That's when Eric, who was sitting behind us, said, 'I wish Kemp would've punched you in the face.' I couldn't believe it. Then he said, 'Where's Los Vatos when you need them'."
Gallagher said he assumed Stonestreet was making a reference to Hispanic criminal gangs, which were implicated in an attack earlier this year on the Dodger Stadium parking lot in which a San Francisco Giants fan was severely beaten.
"Then the usher said (to Stonestreet) that he was wishing the same thing. So we started talking back at them, and that's when the security guards escorted us out to the concourse.
"As we were walking out, he kept playing the 'You know who I am, right?' card. And then when we get out to the concourse, he's getting his picture taken with fans while the guards are asking my friend to produce some I.D. Then the security people said we had to leave. At that point, I said it seemed like he was getting preferential treatment. But we all decided it was best to just go.
"But yeah, I guess (Stonestreet) is telling the truth about not getting kicked out, because they didn't make him leave," Gallagher said.
Gallagher, who works as a freight forwarder at the Port of Long Beach, said he had been down in San Diego — with his two young sons — for the Cards-Padres series earlier in the week, in which the Cards lost all three games.
"No one gave us any trouble down there. They're always as nice as can be in San Diego. But Dodger Stadium is a different story," he said.
Still, Gallagher said he has no intention of staying away from Cardinal games in L.A. "I'll go anywhere close to see them, and I always come back into town at least once a summer to see some games."
Gallagher said he was disheartened by the incident, in an entertainment sense. "I love the show. My wife and I have been watching it since it came on and he's one of my very favorite characters," he said.
"But we didn't start this, and I just wanted to get our side out."

702 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Wait... The guy who plays CAM isn't gay?
He's married to Catherine Tokarz?

Next they'll try to tell us openly gay Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn't really raped and sodomized before he was murdered!

Why does Obama bend over backward to protect Muslim sensibilities, but refuses to address the truth of the gay Hate Crime that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens?

701 days ago


Ya we know who you are a fat ass big mouth D-Lister!! Jerk!

701 days ago


Isn't he from Missouri? Shouldn't he be cheering for the Cards. Eric should be the one who should get knocked in the face.

701 days ago

J Frank    

Some how I doubt it was Stonestreet that started it. As a midwesterner, I know first hand that Cards fans have a tendancy to be tools. Not all Cards fans but they do have a disproportionate number of tools in thier fan base.

701 days ago


Any time you have two people yelling at each other you know the one who says they are completely innocent and didn’t say or do anything to escalate the argument you know they’re full of ****. You definitely played your part in the altercation, Mr. Gallagher, so own up and shut up.

701 days ago


Careful Cards fan. In LA they beat you down in the parking lot until you bash your head on the concrete, leaving you brain damaged for life. And that's just for supporting the visiting team.

701 days ago
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