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Amanda Bynes



9/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
insists ... she's not having a Britney Spears-type meltdown -- telling friends she does NOT need a conservatorship because she's perfectly capable of making her own life choices.

Amanda is adamant ... she has no substance abuse problems and she dismisses the pending criminal hit-and-run charges and the DUI cases -- claiming the charges are all bogus.

Amanda says her family has NEVER brought up even the possibility of a conservatorship. This is consistent with a contact TMZ had with a rep for Amanda's family several months back ... the rep insisted the family felt Amanda had NO mental problems. 

We do know several friends and relatives of Amanda's family have tried convincing them Amanda needs professional help, but as of early summer the pleas fell on deaf ears.

As we first reported -- Amanda's neighbors and fellow gymgoers have become increasingly alarmed  ... claiming Amanda has shown worrisome signs of mental distress, including speaking to inanimate objects.

As for reports Amanda's entering rehab in the next couple days – the actress says no way ... there's no reason to check into a treatment facility.



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who dat    

This is typical denial by an addict. Most likely salvia. It causes the types of issues that are reported. Additionally, this girl realizes she has never received this type of blanket publicity. She will probably do a whole 24 hours in jail for all the crimes she has been accused of, if convicted.

712 days ago

She's baaaack    

LEAVE AMANDA ALONE!!!! She has a ways to go yet, a pink wig; British accent; beating the shlt out of a car with an umbrella; driving with your kid on your lap running red lights; sitting alone on a curb in your gated neighborhood crying; holding one of your children hostage in a bathroom ... she's not there yet.

712 days ago


Hey TMZ -want to follow me around? I talk to inanimate objects too, like my car, that darn copier that won't work, the color printer that jams AGAIN.. I mean WHO DOESN't Talk like that..Seriously.....

712 days ago


"I don't have a substance abuse issue!"
"The charges are all bogus!"
"It's someone else's fault/everyone is out to get me!"
Yep. Lohan 2.0 rolls on....... She's in serious denial over her issues.

712 days ago


As I said before this woman is an ACTOR. She does not have a mental problem, she has a problem with AUTHORITY. She feels she can do what she wants, when she wants, and don't care. Trust me, if they put her ass in jail for awhile reality will set in.

712 days ago


No, no you don't. You need to be locked up.

712 days ago

really! really?    

Considering the damage to her car (which is in impound), I hope she isn't planning to tell the judge the "charges are all bogus". Her court date is this Friday, right?

712 days ago

Good riddance!    

Sure, whatever. Just don't take anyone else out when you finish doing what you seem intent upon doing.

712 days ago


Hey, I hear Randy Travis is looking for a new house mate... Amanda might work.

712 days ago


Locking yourself in a dressing room for TWO HOURS.... and people hearing banging noises "every ten minutes" coming from the dressing room.... I mean, do you really think that is normal behavior? She was doing drugs and flipping out. It would not surprise me to learn she is doing meth. Obviously — OBVIOUSLY, something is wrong.

712 days ago


I hate how conservatorships or the threat of them are used against adult women celebrities. She needs help. Keep your effin hands off control of her money and thus any semblance of independence -- look at Britney, how many years has it been? SHAME

712 days ago

Good riddance!    

2 hours in the dressing room. Could have been worse. At least she didn't yell out 'Where's the handle, I really need to flush now!'

712 days ago


So TMZ, are things that bad these days that you have no one but Kris Jenner spoon feeding you crap while she gives you a hand job, and this Amanda Bynes story to report on. You used to be the place for celeb gossip, now you are just a d-list celeb site, parroting the same stale crap over and over.

712 days ago


Personally I think she needs a good swift kick in the ass & probably some jail time to dry out.

712 days ago


Amanda, The first step to recovery is admitting your problem. Its clear there is a problem. Be the grown up girl, put your big girl panties on and get help. Otherwise, you may change your life, but you may also change the life of another and their family by taking a life caused by your actions.

712 days ago
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