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Amanda Bynes



9/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
insists ... she's not having a Britney Spears-type meltdown -- telling friends she does NOT need a conservatorship because she's perfectly capable of making her own life choices.

Amanda is adamant ... she has no substance abuse problems and she dismisses the pending criminal hit-and-run charges and the DUI cases -- claiming the charges are all bogus.

Amanda says her family has NEVER brought up even the possibility of a conservatorship. This is consistent with a contact TMZ had with a rep for Amanda's family several months back ... the rep insisted the family felt Amanda had NO mental problems. 

We do know several friends and relatives of Amanda's family have tried convincing them Amanda needs professional help, but as of early summer the pleas fell on deaf ears.

As we first reported -- Amanda's neighbors and fellow gymgoers have become increasingly alarmed  ... claiming Amanda has shown worrisome signs of mental distress, including speaking to inanimate objects.

As for reports Amanda's entering rehab in the next couple days – the actress says no way ... there's no reason to check into a treatment facility.



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OH you killed the cat?again WOW make a suck move aboot it then? richard gearIE SAYS HES A GREAT ACTOR AGAIN? he should have stayed in the CRAW house now he just a smuck whom thinks yelling and limited dialogs is acting.He could not over play with himself if payed to!.

673 days ago


TMZ has to be the worst of the hollywood biz in the history of the biz but the netwookies love thiert trashing the help for them if needed.THE ARTS in america suck due to thiert mob thugs and thier steaing of copyrights and patents and sound scanning thermal scanning and image sound and light projecting.Look it up again the the video files and rebroadcast it rehas it and repeters in the triplets BUT you still don`t know SHUIT about it at all

673 days ago


MAYBE she is taking those roids governator snet or roockie sent?

673 days ago


Being bad mouthed by Lindsey Lohan is a joke in itself.

673 days ago


The only people that say they aren't crazy are those that are. Sane people have a cognitive place in the brain that always questions their sanity. The real crazy people are her parents and family who are refusing to face the fact she needs major help.

673 days ago


why is her face so damn fat?

673 days ago


How long before she does Playboy or porno?

673 days ago


Saying you have no substance abuse issues is a bullchit bald-faced lie, because we have a pic of you smoking a bong while you were driving. I don't think she has mental health issues. I think she has a crystal meth addiction.

673 days ago


What she needs is a well-placed parental kick in the ass.

673 days ago


sheeesh TMZ . . leave the girl alone. You are even doing the old National Enquirer trick of posting a horrible photo of her to make it look like she is nuts. You are stalking her for chrissake! Quoting "friends" . . .that is BS! I don't even know who she is, but it's clear you are going after her for some reason.

673 days ago

Who Knew    

Crazy don't know they're crazy. She's nutty and needs help.

673 days ago


Parents can be in deep denial when their children have mental health issues - and it doesn't help if they are financially dependent on that child, as many parents of child-stars seem to be. I'm sure Britney didn't think she needed help, either...

673 days ago


FAKE FAKE FAKE...Desperate Hollywood 2012...The only way to make it nowadays, is to do something stupid..People don't you think that all these celebs are going overboard to get a little pr....stupid this world has become..

673 days ago


she needs a lot more anal sex...forced hard anal sex, anal sex without lube..anal sex with a long line of well hung men and many women with plastic cawks, big black plastic will knock the demons out of her....

673 days ago


Her family are obviously the problem if they don't see their daughter is going downhill fast and is going to crash and burn. This is so sad and makes me ill,I'm dealing with a similar situation where family is in complete denial over some serious problems which has pretty much destroyed them. She needs help now before it's to late!

673 days ago
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