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Kate Middleton

French Court Shuts Down

Publication of Topless Pics

9/18/2012 5:56 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/18/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kate Middleton topless nude photos in Closer Magazine.A French court just put the kibosh on publication of the Kate Middleton topless pics, but the victory is kinda like plugging a dike which keeps springing leaks.

The court called the invasion of Kate and Prince William's privacy a "brutal display" and ordered Closer Magazine to immediately turn over all digital copies of the pics ... or else. The "or else" is a $13,100 daily fine.

Here's the problemo. The pics have also been published in Italy and Ireland and the ruling doesn't cover those magazines.

The palace also plans to file a criminal complaint. It appears the photog got the shots courtesy of a telephoto lens as they sunbathed on the balcony of a remote French chateau.


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Privacy laws are DIFFERENT by country. Laws governing privacy are pretty much mute when it concerns photographs due to the Internet. Interesting that most of the people here have stong opinions on privacy laws yet continue to read TMZ wherein every story read triggers a different script to execute, which goes to a URL to process statistical data The content of the comments are ignored, just that they are made is tracked And of course personnel information tied to your accounts is often associated with comment stats.

744 days ago


Kate is a skank, prince William a horny wannabee playboy & passionate idiot with a half-bald head. Wait some years and Kate has been f*cked by every servant in the palace. Good for Charles, because his mom will leave the stage earlier because of this royal reality porn soap trash...

744 days ago


Why is this woman so important when many in her country are starving, unemployed, homeless and have bad teeth?

744 days ago


The paps are S bags. The courts have to make laws that go against them... And enforce those laws. It is one thing for magazines and websites to report on if a celeb is going to be in a movie... Or a public domain mug shot... Etc. But when a pap goes out of his way to use a telephoto lens to spy on a celeb, or to chase them in a car... Stuff like that should make these paps pay a great fine and a jail sentence.

744 days ago


"The Queen's Pillows"


744 days ago


LOL...i have already seen enough. what else is remaining to see?

744 days ago


It's messed up that she can get this special treatment while other famous people can't...

744 days ago


I don't think they are embarrassed or ashamed of the photos, I think they are more upset about the gross invasion of their privacy. I'm glad they are standing their ground, and I hope each magazine gets hit with orders. They are also seeking criminal charges against the photographer, and I'm sure will have no issues getting the charge to stick.

744 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

A Kate porno would be royally awesome.
Throw in the Queen for the GILF-lovers out there,
and Sarah Fergie for the chubby-chasers.
Make sure Charles get a good cuckolding too.

744 days ago


Wow! Although the damage has been done but a point has still been proved.

744 days ago


All this bitching about a stinking pair of nipples, big deal...we all have them..

744 days ago


Princess Caroline of Monaco and Hanover set the precedent for stricter privacy rules in France; she sued Paris Match for taking pictures of her children and she won, both times that she sued. And Sarah, Duchess of York sued Paris Match and won as well.

The royal's advisers are looking to sue CHI and the Irish papers and will only go forward if they have a chance at winning.

744 days ago

Surfer Gal    

My friend & I had always thought that Prince William was gay, that is until we saw these photos. Look on the bright side of life! We now know it's not a sham marriage, like his parents.

744 days ago


The pics are already on the internet. What does it matter?

744 days ago


This is all so much bull****. The royals are pretending to be outraged, but the truth is that they are trying to stay relevant in a society of debauchery. What is everyone talking about this month...three different cir***stances of Royals' public nudity...that's what. If you think this is all so innocent, then you are gullible.

743 days ago
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