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Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj


9/18/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey pulled Nicki Minaj aside yesterday and convinced her ... feuding would not be good for the show, and they both needed to stop the antics they pulled during Sunday's auditions.

"American Idol" sources tell TMZ ... Mariah and others were ticked off Sunday that Nicki arrived 45 minutes late ... and that set the tone for the whole day. Although Nigel Lythgoe is saying everything was hunky dory Sunday, we know it wasn't.  Mariah talked over Nicki, criticizing her critiques, and Nicki fired right back.

But on Monday, Mariah buttonholed Nicki and the 2 agreed ... a feud wouldn't be good for the show, so they buried the hatchet and walked down the hall smiling, hand-in-hand.

But here's the thing. We're thinking a feud is exactly what "A.I." needs.


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they can't stand each other, I can't stand either one

move the show to BET, AI has just excluded it's primary audience, so very tired of all the PC BS

734 days ago

Tobi dog    

American Idol is dead, especially with Minaj as judge. They will lose 35 and over crowd. I am done watching!

734 days ago


All I can think of when I look at Nicki is "Welcome to the Hunger Games. May the odds be forever in your favor!"

734 days ago


Blah...won't waste my time watching it-
I'd rather do yard work.

734 days ago


That's why they were hired. The show is not about talent. It's about ratings!!!!!

734 days ago


Well American Idol has reached an all time low. I will not be watching. To begin Nicki, whatever her name is doesn't have any talent whatsoever. She's not even in the same class as Mariah. I thought this show was about discovering talent. How can they have a judge on that doesn't have any talent(NIckI) and ask her to judge someone else's talent. The show is a big joke.

734 days ago


Nicki is a ghetto clown. A no talent POS that shouldn't even be sitting in the same room with Mariah, let alone at the same table. How can she judge talent when she is not even functional as a human being? Mariah is a real sexy and talented performer. Nicki is like looking at a drag queen with bad taste in clothes, that has no experience in singing. If all woman looked like Nicki, I would turn gay. Nicki, please take singing lessons and seek counseling. This is not what a human being is supposed to look like. And singing is not for you.

734 days ago


The glad sun.

With a
certain delight
a magical
sound returns
in the place
where your

Francesco Sinibaldi

733 days ago


Its stupid but at the end of the day Nikki really needs to stop coming for people who have been in the game longer than she has and take notes from Mariah. Your on a singing show hunny your a played our Lil Kim follower Mariah Carey is a Vocalist to the t come correct. Because we all know how long Simon has wanted Mariah on his shows that he has out. So get that **** together before you get the boot.

720 days ago

Jade Howleit    

I am like quite a few people don't really like Nicki Minaj, her rap skills suck she's too dam colorful and seemingly weird and it is truly time for the ass money I mean Cash Money Reign to start falling how much more of this garbage do we have to consume! There is an answer and it's coming for you all that's raking in the money with this garbage music, By way of Chicago, IL The Truth is on the way and his name is F.I.S.T. and trust me there is not one rapper out there that wants any part of going against what he's about to bring to the table, Good luck to all you half ass rappers the truth is on the way and trust me a change gone come.....

720 days ago


get it nikki.u got a lot of haters.but u in hollywood.wear your wig.just like she wear hers.

599 days ago
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