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Mitt Romney

Gene Hackman Should

Play MY WIFE in Movie

9/18/2012 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gene Hackman would make a lovely Ann Romney in a Hollywood movie about her life ... this according to Mitt Romney.

The Republican nominee and his wife appeared on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" this morning ... and endured a Rapid Fire line of questions ... one of which was, "Who would you pick to play each other in the movie?"

Mitt replied, "For me, my favorite actor is Gene Hackman ... so I'd like Gene Hackman."

Kelly Ripa quickly shot back, "You want Gene Hackman to play YOUR WIFE!?"

Mitt laughed ... and joked, "What was that movie he was in? The Birdcage?"

Don't worry, Mitt eventually corrected himself ... and picked a more appropriate star.



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Question: Why do liberal democrats claim they hate Bush for killing innocent people in wars, but claim they love Obama even though he's also killing innocent people in wars?
Answer: liberal democrats do **not** care about innocent people dying....they only care about winning a popularity contest.
To liberal democrats, a presidential election is equal to a high school prom king and queen election; a fun popularity contest for kids.
Liberal democrats have never cared, don't care now, and will never care about innocent people dying.
They only care about winning arguments against the opposing team, ego-driven drivel from loudmouth know-it-alls who are just as responsible for contributing to the existence and success of the military-industrial complex and deaths of innocent people, as any far-right warmonger is.

767 days ago


If Kelly Ripa wants something to laugh at, she needn't look further than her sham marriage. What's it like to live a lie, Ripa? Sticking with your gay husband so you have a nanny for your 3 brat kids, huh?

767 days ago


Your current President Barack Hussein Obama thought there were 57 states in this country when he was running for office in 2008. Now THAT is stupidity. I guess all those yrs of pot, beer and blow affected his mind. Hmm. ..what's worse: misunderstanding a question from a piece of Jersey trash like Ripa, or not knowing how many states there are? That's why so many ppl relate to the toupee wearing Obama- they're as uneducated, classless and addicted as he is.

767 days ago


This is the second thing I seen about him and who would play them in a movie role. My question who is making a movie about him?!!

767 days ago


And Michelle Obama could play Bigfoot in a movie...

767 days ago


This b00b is a walking SNL skit. He's so uncomfortable around us earthlings...

767 days ago


Don't kid yourself that voting for either candidate is going to make a difference in your life. It won't. This country is run by a core of rich people and those in government whom they see get elected.

Honestly, when's the last time things got better for you because your candidate won?

767 days ago


Seems fair to me. Ann looks like a man in a wig and dress.

767 days ago


People who don't work and don't wanna work are getting more nuts as we get closer to the election.

767 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

Funny that such an anti-gay bigot would reference a gay-themed film.

767 days ago


I guess he's going for the transvestate vote

767 days ago


Matthew Fox would be the best choice to play Mitt. Not on acting ability, but he looks so much like him it's freaky. BTW, all you Mitt-haters are clueless about, like, everything.

767 days ago


I find it interesting that those on the left have a need to always denigrate, make fun of, paint conservatives as out of touch, less intelectual, stupid, etc. You all have been sucked in and walk about life with blinders on.

767 days ago


Gene Hackman as Ann Romney? Maybe if it were a tyler perry movie!

767 days ago


Seriously, Mitt Romney is really showing his intelligence. LOL Saying that a man should portray his wife. OMG and Republicans want this freak of nature for our President. Also i can't stomach the way he bats his eyes when speaking. Talk about a phony. God i hate this guy.

767 days ago
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