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MLB Star


For Anti-Gay Message

9/18/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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091812_escobar_launchToronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar has just apologized for displaying a homophobic message ON HIS FACE during a recent game ... telling his fans, "honestly, I’m sorry."

29-year-old Escobar was hit with a 3 game suspension for decorating his eye black patches with the Spanish word for f**got" -- which he wore during Saturday's game against Boston (below).

Yunel Escobar's eye black with a gay slur.Moments ago, Escobar addressed the media ... and explained, "I feel bad, I’m leaving my team for something I didn’t intend to do. I have nothing against the gay community and honestly I’m sorry."

He claimed, "It was just a joke and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular."

Escobar says the phrase has a different meaning in Spanish ... but when asked to clarify what it meant to him or why he wrote it ... he couldn't come up with a real answer.

Escobar will forfeit his salary for the games he will miss -- with portions of the money reportedly going to GLAAD ... a powerful gay rights organization.

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I'm sorry, but why is GLAAD getting a portion of his pay? Um yeah, suspend him without pay like all other EMPLOYERS and make him pay a fine. Now all of a sudden, GLAAD is going to start making money hand over fist when the athletes do this? Geez, GLAAD is about to become the 21st century version of Scientology. I hardly think GLAAD should be making money off of using words they don't like. Give that money where needed, families in dire straights, how about food and shelter for the downtrodden?

733 days ago


Anyone that would do something like that in this day & age is an idiot.

733 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

You understand, of course, that this guy is obviously a latent homosexual, who is crying out for acceptance. He wants to come out of the closet and smoke some pole!

733 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

This guy would have to be as dumb as a rock to NOT know that his words/actions were offensive. If nothing else, I'm sure some of his teammates tried to warn him!

733 days ago


I do not know how a person puts something like that in the face and then apologizes to the masses, that is the most hypocrite act as I have seen. I do not accept his apology, but too macho with money ....

733 days ago


Born in Havana, Cuba - has played baseball all his life, and is probably not as educated as some here but still educated. In Cuba the word Maricon is tossed around like the word A s sh ole is here. Not the smartest move, but not specific lash out at the gay community. .... a lo Cubano.

733 days ago


Stupid all round. Stupid on his behalf and stupid to make so much of it. The guy is an idiot and should be recognized as such. Now move on. Game over.

733 days ago


Yeah right. If you're going to claim it means something else, maybe you should actually come up with that "something else" story. You know they're going to ask. Pendejo.

733 days ago


umm im confused.. we have freedom of press, speech and religion.. but he is punished for this?! if you dont like it dont support him but comics say the same thing all the time and no one punishes them for it.... this is just ridiculous...

733 days ago


Shocking. Another story where GLAAD whines and cries about their right to be gay, completely trouncing anyone else's right to free speech apparently. This country has turned into the land of the coddled and home of the whiny.

733 days ago



733 days ago


Sticks and stones? When did name calling become such a big deal?

733 days ago


So if you weren't doing it to offend anyone, then why be so stupid to do it anyway? What's the benefit of putting that on your face? You knew someone would see it. Just like Brittany Spears knew someone would see her finger nails. Come one man, we are not that stupid and this apology after you got spanked is a joke. Now on to all the homos who can't handle even the tiniest amount of criticism. STFU and go away. You feel the need to push your lifestyle on everyone else but when someone pushes back, oh my god it's a hate crime and he's against the a&$ jockey goat f&*kers out there.

733 days ago


So many times I've read or heard on this site people calling those who have red hair, "GINGERS". The staff at TMZ and the posters on this site do it all the time in a derogatory way. I guess if you're white and have red hair, that term is all right. Sorry, but it's just as wrong as using the N-word or the F-word.

733 days ago


Of course he's "SORRY". Suddenly losing the gravy train becomes WAY to real. KICK this dude to the curb. NEXT!!!

733 days ago
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