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Amanda Bynes Denies

Shades of Britney

9/18/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


It might look like Amanda Bynes is copying the Britney Spears playbook, even thoug Amanda insists there's no conservatorship in her future. But after what went down on Sunset Boulevard ... there should be!

Plus, the Royals win a battle in the Kate Middleton topless pics scandal ... but lose the war -- and, for some reason, Donald Trump jumps into the controversy? 

Also, Dina Lohan's getting ripped for appearing drunk on TV -- and (justifiably) for being a bad mother -- but is it finally time for Lindsay Lohan to stop blaming mommy for screwing up her life? Harvey thinks so.

(0:00) Breaking news -- Tori Spelling was hospitalized for complications due to childbirth.
(1:30) More strange behavior yesterday from Amanda Bynes -- from a marathon stay inside a dressing room to a odd exit from a Starbucks ... she's reminding us of a mix between Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.
(10:00) Kate Middleton's topless photos are shut down by a court in France ... too little, too late.
(14:00) "50 Shades of Grey" has spawn sexual "contracts" between partners ... but are they really enforceable?
(18:00) Clint Eastwood admits -- Republicans were stupid for asking him to speak at the RNC.
(21:00) Mr Belding takes a shot at wrestling -- which is not a good idea for man in his sixties.
(23:00) "American Idol" bigwig Nigel Lythgoe and host Ryan Seacrest say that the cat-fighting between Nicki Minaj and Maria Carey is real ... but we're calling BS.
(29:25) Sharon Osbourne rips Dina Lohan for her loopy appearance on Dr. Phil.
(34:00) Shaun White was arrested for allegedly pulling a fire alarm in a drunken haze.
(39:00) We take your calls!

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Marah and Nicki will turn out to be the best of friends!

701 days ago

Flying Blind    

the voice did 4.7 last night with 13.5 million people watching.

701 days ago


Take the TMZ poll:

Gary Busey's teeth: ()()()@()

A. look like a set of piano keys
B. have not been brushed for 3-4 weeks
C. are used to open beer bottles, cans of spaghetti and other non-perishable items
D. All of the above

701 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

haha Raquel on a non black story.

701 days ago


These losers on skype look like theyre trying to be famous. Not gonna happen Gang.

701 days ago

Flying Blind    

thank the wanna-be-cop for wearing a hat so we don't have to look at his bald spot like on harvey's head.

701 days ago


Dina & Michael are still better parents then some parents I know. I know several families where their "kids" who are in their 50's and 40's still live at home, have had police and probation regularly to their homes, and grandkids now also living with grandparents. At least Lindsey has not moved back home ever to live with mom or dad! Give the family a break! Look at the rest of America!!

701 days ago


Hey, he wasn't drunk while skateboarding so shut up Mike.

701 days ago


Harvey, your shirt is really awful and looks terrible on you.

701 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I'm eating chicken wings Harvey

701 days ago

Flying Blind    

easy on sharon's kids, their dad IS Ozzie for gosh sakes.

701 days ago


Harry just turned 28, Harvey.

701 days ago


When the main topic of discussion on TMZ is "Shaun White (who?) pulling a fire alarm" you know this website is in its last days....r.i.p.

701 days ago


Its sad to see desperate libreals spin and fabricate stories about conservatives. Please stop the desperation. After November maybe America can get back to being the nation that made us the greatest nation that all inspired to come to and not destroy

701 days ago


These Skype interuptions are awkward and annoying.

701 days ago
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