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Adrienne Maloof

Wins Temporary Custody

Paul Allegedly Choked Kid

9/19/2012 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0919_adrienne_maloof_paul_nassif_article Adrienne Maloof was just awarded temporary custody of her three boys after telling a judge her estranged husband, Paul Nassif, choked one of their kids last Thursday ... TMZ has learned.

Adrienne's lawyer went to court and filed a declaration she wrote, in which she claimed Paul picked their 3 boys up from school Thursday. During the ride, 2 of the boys were kicking each other, when Paul allegedly reached back and choked one of the boys around the Adam's apple.

According to a separate declaration, filed by Adrienne, one of the boys told a psychiatrist ... Paul smacked him on his "wet bare bottom" because he had peed on his sibling in the bath, and then sent him to the corner for a time-out.

The couple's chef also filed a declaration, claiming he witnessed Paul kicking the family dog when it peed on the floor. And a DEA agent who is friends with the couple filed yet another declaration claiming he witnessed Paul putting his hands around the neck of one of the children.

Neither Paul nor his lawyer were present during the hearing -- they were never told about the hearing -- although we know Paul denies ALL of the allegations.

Paul's lawyer, Lisa Meyer, tells TMZ, "This smacks of underhandedness. Adrienne wasn't even present when this allegedly occurred." Meyer adds, "It is a sad day when parents have to stoop to the level of making false allegations against another parent." Meyer calls Adrienne's move "gamesmanship at its worst."


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727 days ago


I don't believe this for a second. The Nassif kids have appeared briefly on RHOBH and they are obnoxious, spoiled out of control brats. Paul probably did grab the kid but wasn't choking him to death like Adrienne claims. Adrienne is a spiteful witch who always treated her husband like crap. She's worth hundreds of millions of dollars and expects us to believe she had to stay with an abusive husband? Yeah right.

727 days ago


all she has to do is make an accusation?, thats it? thats a hugh ruling by the good judge. Perhaps I missed something in the story. was he arrested? That would be the first step I would think. I also think Paul should have choked this chef, you know, friends of hers, did anybody confirm her story? She's a snake....

727 days ago


I am so shocked at these allegations. I loved these two together, and why the hell is a DEA agent hanging around with them? CRAZY!!!

727 days ago


It had a ring of truth when I read it....I would be alarmed at a man's temper if he couldn't control it. Paul's under a lot of pressure at this time and I have a feeling he may have a short fuze. Not cool to put hands on a kid.

727 days ago


I won't believe a word coming from this trick's mouth without police reports because she's saying people,one in law enforcement, witnessed criminal actions and ignored them until, conveniently, NOW when she's going through a divorce.

727 days ago


Adrienne is a woman who will do ANYTHING to win. She cannot lose so she'll do whatever and say whatever to get her way. Money can buy a lot of people to lie for you. I feel for Paul and the kids because she will do whatever she can to make sure she destroys Paul and ruins any chance of a relationship he can have with his children. Evil is that woman's middle name.

727 days ago


Kids today are out of control they need a few spankings. I got spanked as a kid and I turned out just fine. Choking the kid...well...if it's good enough for Bart Simpson it's good enough for the Maloofs.

727 days ago


These people make me sick. If you can't work out your relationship as spouses at least you can have the decency to work it out as parents. Adrienne is not used to people telling her no and this is going to get very ugly. I hope they are proud of themselves.

727 days ago


Trust me her chef is in cahoots with her. Want's to be a chef to a Maloof (even though they have lost most of their money). DEA agent could be a friend.


Adrienne is a vindictive beyotch, she's paying people left and right.

726 days ago

There's a problem here    

Those two made a child? Wait... is it human or donkey? They are two surgically ugly people.

726 days ago


If you watched the show RHOBH, the chef also made false accusations against former Maloof friend, Lisa Vanderpump, in order to curry favor. The funny thing is, he was outed as a liar for saying Vanderpump sold stories to gossip rags about Maloof. He said he knew she did, but when pressed had no proof, and simply said he had heard that she had.

726 days ago


Adrienne is a beyotch who will distort facts to support her view. She was unecessarily VICIOUS to Lisa Vanderpump trying to get the other ladies to gang up on her. I think she is u$ing her money to buy people to slam Paul...same playbook.

Good luck Paul, she is not worth it and fight for your children!!!

726 days ago


he really doesn't like pee...

726 days ago


Nobody believed her when she said Paul was abusive to HER during the marriage so now she's hitting harder, going lower, and saying he abuses the kids. Next, she's probably going to start to attack his professional reputation. I don't think I would leave kids with a spiteful character like Adrienne. Team Paul!

726 days ago
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