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Dennis Quaid

Sued Over Near-Fatal

Horse Accident

9/19/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A horseback rider claims he was nearly killed while riding a horse on Dennis Quaid's equestrian estate, and he's suing the actor over his life-threatening injuries.

70-year-old Lester Wood claims Quaid gave him permission to use a trail on the actor's property to ride a horse to a nearby park in the exclusive Pacific Palisades area of L.A.

Wood said in an interview with the Palisadian-Post newspaper, the sprinkler system next to Quaid's trail suddenly activated, spooking the horse which reared up and fell on top of him.

Next thing Wood knew he was in critical condition at a nearby hospital with a concussion, fractured scapula, torn aorta, multiple pulmonary emboli, broken ribs, a nicked liver, a tear in his bladder, fractured lumbar discs, a shattered pelvis, internal bleeding, and a torn miniscus in his knee.

Wood says he was not wearing a helmet and was looking down at his watch at the time of the accident.

0918_lester_horse_2All told, Wood says the accident cost nearly $500,000 in medical bills -- and he blames Quaid -- who no longer owns the estate -- for what he believes is a flawed trail design.

We contacted Quaid's rep for a reaction to the lawsuit.  So far, no response.


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"No good deed goes unpunished"

762 days ago


At 70 you shouldn't be on a horse in the first place. Did this old fool even bother to ask if there might be something that would spook the horse or did he just go riding off into the sunset looking for a lawsuit.

762 days ago


Years ago my parents worked a lot with the local Sheriff's Posse, and everyone that was involved had horses for search and rescue. Now everyone (especially those who know ANYTHING about horses) knows NOT to walk behind a horse right? At a camp one year one of my dad's 'friends' walked directly behind Dad's horse, and the horse kicked him...which is why you DON"T DO THAT!! Of course , he sued my dad over it. I don't understand how you can be so stupid and do something you know is wrong, and then be able to sue someone else cause you were stupid!!

762 days ago


The injured guy reminds me to never do anyone a favour -- they're likely jerks who won't take responsibility.

762 days ago


First rule of horseback riding..You should be smarter than the horse.

762 days ago


F U Lester wood!

Dennis was kind enough to let you ride thru his mountain. It's your problem not his.

Lester, should of bought a better horse.

762 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished.

762 days ago


Doubt Quaid even knew there was a sprinkler system. Sorry, old man. You always ride a Horse at your own risk.

762 days ago


Incidents like this cause land owners not to allow horse riders in their property. The rider is resposible for how his/her horse reacts to stimuli.

761 days ago


No good deed goes unpunished - or unsued.

761 days ago


As someone living outside of the US reading stories about the US one gets the impression that living in the US must really suck. Everyone is suing everyone it seems. I guess that is probably because your medical costs are so insanely high. But what a ****ed up society! Everyone just seems to want to make money of off anyone else......horrible.....

761 days ago


what a jerk..... money grubbing a hole.. no good deed goes unpunished as they say....

761 days ago


People you all have it wrong here the guy who is injured is not the one suing, it is the lawyers for the hospital. They want to make sure that they get their money for saving this guy's life. The lawyers just go after whom ever they think they can get the money from to cover the costs of the medical care. Yes it was this guy fault as horses do not rear up from sprinklers they rear up because someone pulls on their mouth. The guy was looking at his watch and the sprinklers startled his horse and he lost his balance and yanked no fault of the property owner. He is just lucky he did not hit his head and would then have long term care at least the guy will heal from these injuries. Where is his medical insurance and why does it not pay to cover his injuries, is that not why we have insurance?
Our country is so messed up, go you liberals keep up your fight to do what ever you want, as someone else will have to pay for your own mistakes

761 days ago


%*@! ridiculous!!!! At what point are people not responsible for themselves? Everyone is always looking for payday in this country and SICK!

760 days ago


this is RIDICULOUS - anyone who is an experienced rider knows that they have a commitment and responsibility to their own horse. This guy is just trying to get money out of a celebrity.

755 days ago
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