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Dennis Quaid

Sued Over Near-Fatal

Horse Accident

9/19/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A horseback rider claims he was nearly killed while riding a horse on Dennis Quaid's equestrian estate, and he's suing the actor over his life-threatening injuries.

70-year-old Lester Wood claims Quaid gave him permission to use a trail on the actor's property to ride a horse to a nearby park in the exclusive Pacific Palisades area of L.A.

Wood said in an interview with the Palisadian-Post newspaper, the sprinkler system next to Quaid's trail suddenly activated, spooking the horse which reared up and fell on top of him.

Next thing Wood knew he was in critical condition at a nearby hospital with a concussion, fractured scapula, torn aorta, multiple pulmonary emboli, broken ribs, a nicked liver, a tear in his bladder, fractured lumbar discs, a shattered pelvis, internal bleeding, and a torn miniscus in his knee.

Wood says he was not wearing a helmet and was looking down at his watch at the time of the accident.

0918_lester_horse_2All told, Wood says the accident cost nearly $500,000 in medical bills -- and he blames Quaid -- who no longer owns the estate -- for what he believes is a flawed trail design.

We contacted Quaid's rep for a reaction to the lawsuit.  So far, no response.


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This is ridiculous - I ride all over the Santa Monica Mountains, and in the surrounding neighborhoods - there is always a chance that someone's sprinkler system is going to go off - it is your responsibility as the rider to make sure that your horse is desensitized to these types of things before riding. Also not very smart to be riding without a helmet - riding a horse is an inherently dangerous sport, regardless of how experienced you are. Too bad Quaid didn't make him sign a release of liability waiver before allowing him to ride on his property, but seriously, this is not Quaid's fault. It's a shame as there are many nice trails out in the Palisades and I'm sure this will only make people even more wary of allowing equestrians to ride through their property. I'm sorry that the guy was injured, but to sue Quaid for it? Not cool....

761 days ago


I got nothin'...

761 days ago


He should have soued the horse. :-P

761 days ago


Yeah sounds like an accident a.c.c.i.d.e.n.t. throw some coffee on yourself

761 days ago

just because    

key word here is near........ if he didn't die then he has no right to sue

761 days ago

just because    

reminds me of when my neighbors wouldn't let me jump on their trampoline anymore because if i got hurt they swore i would sue them when i wouldn't

761 days ago


So, he wasn't wearing a hat, wasn't looking where he was going, wasn't in control of his horse - and he's suing someone else. Maybe he should start taking responsibility for his own negligence.

761 days ago

Max Smart    

So Dennis Quaid was a nice guy doing this dude a favor and now he's getting sued. Doesn't anyone take responsibility for their own actions in the US any more?

761 days ago

BB in CA    

Sorry Mr. Wood got hurt but this will no doubt be the last time anyone gives him permission to use a trail on their property. No way is Dennis Quaid at fault but he'll probably end up having to pay this jerk.

761 days ago


@ Moribundman...I'm laughing even harder. U r the type of idiot ******* that laughs while big trouble is lurking around the corner and about to kick your worthless if that an't funny, I don't know what is. But you deserve all of it...and much, much more. *******.

761 days ago


Isn't that what insurance is for?

761 days ago


About your comment on Clint Eastwood whereas the Republicans throw him under the bus. It is really the Democrats and all of the media that has thrown Clint Eastwood under the bus. One Republican that has stand up for Clint was Rush Limbaugh. I also saw the Clint Eastwood interview with Ellen show and Clint was not apologizing for appearing on the convention. I heard a lot of people at the convention loved what he did and his dry sense of humor with the chair.

761 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

how does Dennis Quaid have an equestrian estate when he is hardly in any movies ???

761 days ago


what would have happened if it was a wild animal or a falling branch that spooked his horse......sue God.....

The guy should man up and take responsibility for his own injuries.

761 days ago


It's unfortunate, but this guy will be gettin paid. That's the US for ya...

761 days ago
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